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Are there any one intrested with using the chat room?

I am.

Chat can be a great place to meet and get to know each other. Its another place where we can share our feelings and ideas or discuss current events. I just think its a good communication tool and we are not taking advantage of it.

 I know many of us are in different timezones, but Im sure we can pick times that would be friendly to all of us.

Any suggestions are welcome, please comment.



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it is there for all to use ;-)   

If anyone has a better inbedded chat tool then please post a link and I will look into it

Thank you Tony. I would like our chat to come alive again. It would be cool.


Thank you Patricia. We love the vocal chat with you guys too, but I was mainly talking about the chat on the website. Voice chat is great, but for some its not easy to get working correctly. The inbedded chat is much easer and convenient for most. However I would like to do some voice chat too. Chelley has kept a voice chat server running and  SoE members welcome.  Details are on the front page for anyone to join.

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