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There seems to be lots going on in the UK....anyone got some first hand news on this report.....

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Teachers and civil servants went on strike yesterday (only for 24h) against changes on pension laws. I don't know for certain, but apparently their retirement is age 55 or 60 years and the gov wants to move to 65, like it is for everybody else. They didn't like the idea and went on strike. I don't have much sympathy for their cause because I think it should be the same to everyone.
In the USA, its 65 and they want to raise it to 70. That means most people wont retire. They should protest that!
Yes, from 40 you should be allowed to work with what makes you happy, hehe!

paTricia T. said:
Thanks Simmy!    I think everyone should retire by age 40 ....:o)

we should all always be allowed to work with what makes us happy! working for our entire lives is BS imo.


Haven't heard anything about it from a local source.

It does explain why I was being stopped by the Met for 'acting suspicious'. Oh well, nothing new there.

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