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Hi everyone,

so here we are, little over 4 weeks to the big day...21.12.2012...

Im certanly counting down the days with anticipation, like a kid counting down to christmas.

Ive posted this cos i feel its important we share our views and feelings this close to the solstice.

For me, im very excited about december 21st finally rolling around, afterall its a day ive been looking forward to for about 5 years.

And what do i think will happen? well, through 5 years of reasearch i have gotton to the point where really, i have no clue. Lots of thearys, but its certanly impossible to say for sure.

I have accepted that really its very likly nothing signigicant will happen. i feel i have detatched myself from it, naturally ill be disapointed when nothing happens, but at least i wont feel the need to break down or cry about it :)

On the other hand, it is atleast a great excuse for a party, so im having a 48 hour party starting thursday 20th as a pre party, with a ceromany/ meditaion friday morning (before 11.11am ofcorse:P ) then a big ass party friday night!

The party will happen presuming nothing happens lol...

Though i do hope, and i feel it is entirely possible, that something BIG could happen, i just cant completely rule it out. With the planet passing through the galactic center - who knows.

If nothing happens that day, sure i will be disheartend for a time, though i know, we all know that the world is in hard times, with no sight of it getting better any time soon, we all know its gonna crunch a sompoint.

If nothing happens on december 21st, im still certain something will soon, im sure next year, and the next decade, will be extreamly exciting, or scary.

Anyhow,  much love to you all, you saviours have been my rock these last years. Im so happy to have this community. Have a great Solstice, and good luck for 2013 ;)

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Me too Bishop I've no clue what will happen.. but my life quote is this.. I don't fuss about anything concerning what could happen to me.. I will cross that bridge when I'm right in front of it and not a bit to soon ;-) what happen will happen and if nothing happens I'm still in my flow ^L^
Wishing you all the best for 2013 and have great fun in your parties and yes my dear friend it was a heck of a ride the last years.. yes it was..

Yeah Bishop, I've no clue of what will happen... so for me its like the battle of really wanting something to happen cause it feels like the right moment for something to happen and the disappointing of a probable normal day in human life loooool and i probable wil be disheartend for some time too. But i really think we have to hope for something to happen, cause its like a famous portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa said "O homem sonha e a obra nasce", man dreams and the masterpiece borns... or "O sonho comanda a vida" Antonio Gedeão the dream commands life.
But if it doesn't happen i think that we are more then ready for that loooool, cause it already happened alot before.

With the time going and with only a few days for it, it looks like we're going to find what will happen... or not looool

(fingers crossed for a world rise of consciousness, alien disclosure or other cool thing)

Bishop "be the change you want to see in the world"MG and thanks for the post and the opportunity to share my little view of things.


Thank you so much for your wonderful message. I will also double gratitude for saying thank you for this site and its lightworkers. I have learnt so much, used it for healing energies and made friends around the world. Thank you all for your videos, your channellings and your comments and blogs.

One thing I will say though i dont think it matters if something BIG happens, for some of us who have been lucky enough to experience changes in ourselves, something BIG already happened so is just a matter of time to catch up with everyone.

Since coming back from Stonehenge where i went on 21 June, summer solstice, some energy rushed to my spine when i was approaching the stones and it has never been the same since ever.

I came to realise i got blessed with Kundalini awakening and now i see auras of people, building, plants, my even own bicycle, i can connect with every single object around me. My third eye has opened and recently i have realised i can look straight up to the Sun and guess what? i see sun ecplise every single time and amazing beautiful love light coming from the Father Sun.

Its been phenomenal. I cant describe the joy i am having everyday which i wanna share to every single being of any nature on this Gaia, and beyond. Guys is here, and its happening. Recently i have been seeing the energy coming down like rain, i thought one time when i came out for a ciggie break oh its raining, but when i look down was dry and i was like, whats going on? i went in the middle of the road and put my hands up and nothing i felt but i could see these i call now 'light rain' lol seriously it comes down all the time.

Seeing the aura energy coming out from every single building going up like rushing really fast its just crazy. I am so grateful experiencing this, so i am sure the energies are here already. So dont expect anything my brothers and sisters, its already happening to some so get tuned and universe will deliver.

Its the most beautiful feeling to connect with everything around you and beyond. I wish you all the best my friends and my fellow lightworkers. May light, love, and lots of laughter be with you always. May Harmony and peace reside in you.




Ya, I myself have no idea as well.  With many years research, the only thing I can prove to myself and others is that we are not alone in this universe and the world governments are hiding something.  Whatever happens its been fun chatting with you guys over the past few years. This is a good place to share/learn lots of different viewpoints.  Everything else aside, I would like to thank Brad for starting this site.  I know he has not been associated with this site in quite sometime but I hope he is doing well.   After all we are all here together because of him.  Love you guys, hope this planet changes for the good.

nothing significant is going to happen on that day, bishop.

i've just checked my diary and the 21st of december will be my kid's school inset day, that's all :)))

Same here... thinking that something 'earthshattering' SHOULD happen, something to 'reset' mankind's mindframe (in the most positive and gentle way possible)... but it will most probably be an uneventful day...

Sooner or later something like this will happen. I just wish it was real soon!!

Or maybe the changes would be really slow, in phases, almost unnoticed, and suddenly we'll realize 'the better world' will be upon us.

I don't know, unfortunately I feel really detached and subdued about it all... very different from how I felt a couple of years ago.

Have a great party Bishop!!! It is a great idea indeed! And I wish you all an amazing 2013!



nothing significant is going to happen on that day, bishop.

i've just checked my diary and the 21st of december will be my kid's school inset day, that's all :)))

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