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"We wish to initiate these transmissions with a brief commentary - an extra-dimensional observation regarding the workings of this vehicle of telecommunication: the Internet. We have asked you to call upon your Spirit Warriors, to create a light field around you before entering this site, a point of connection with Sirian consciousness. If you have not yet done so, we call upon you to encircle yourselves in pure white light and ask that the brilliance travel the ethers and penetrate here, increasing the vibratory fields of the Sirian Messenger site so that all who connect here will feel your brilliance. Layer upon layer, within and with-out us all, we will so join consciousness to serve the greater body of those who, like you, have chosen this as a point of exchange and unity.

Know that the Internet, if used properly, can and does serve to open your group consciousness to information that is needed now, at this time of your preparation for what lies ahead of you. Many are those who have brought to you vital information regarding the Secret Government, their covert activities, extraterrestrial visions, cosmic events and so many more of those fields of awareness have been facilitated through this means. It is no wonder that you delight in this aspect of your progress, seeing in this electronic vehicle a way to reach there where you have never reached before.

However, there are aspects of the Net that are insidious and often dangerous, and we ask you to consider those as well. There are inaudible electromagnetic frequencies cursing through the underground cables, emanating from your screens as 'subliminal sounds'. Most of you are unaware of this intrusion, but it is there, deliberately imposed upon you to create addictive entrainment to the Net while manipulating your moods and thought processes. There are subliminal images as well, things the subconscious perceives that the conscious does not. These are controlling, manipulative technologies which can take your power and will from you., as they have throughout many millennia of human civilization. We simply ask that you be aware of this potential, setting your intention to deflect such waves.

Built into the Internet structure is a perfect tracking system for anyone who would benefit from knowing your movements, your contacts and interests - particularly if they go against the dogma of conventional thought. So be wary in your investigations of 'sensitive' material, remembering that you are totally 'track-able' and that all communications can be intercepted. 'Secure' sites do not exist, unless you set your intention before entering as you have done here, where we, too, have come with the highest intention.

Remember that your being aware of these possibilities diminishes their impact, and so we ask that you come to all Internet information with due circumspection and that, before journeying in the virtual zone, you bathe yourselves in the white light, calling in the Spirit Warriors, always affirming that whatever you connect with is for your highest possible good. Your asking helps maintain the integrity of our mission.

In finding new avenues of communication, we are fulfilling our purpose of bringing you the Light of knowledge with which you are lifting off the veil and setting yourselves free.

We celebrate the connection.
Children of Gaia, we salute you."

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Thank heavens for good computer protection software! Quite often, two or three times a day, when I am using my computer, there is somebody, somewhere, trying to stop me!!! It is always a denial of service thing, and whoever is at the other end, does not like it when I click the x to clear the message out. My friend, who is a computer techie, did a reverse read on some of these messages, the last time she checked my computer, and she found that some of these denials of service thingies came from China, and South America! Why would these people be interested in where I go on the net? Sometimes, this pops up as soon as I turn my computer on! These people must be really bored, if that is what they are up to! These types must be stopped!
Peace and light my dear friends,
Thank you for posting this message from,"The Sirian Council!"

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