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Simple Truths As I See It ( still a work in progress, more to come)

1. Chakra Alignment: Chakras must be aligned before the DNA restructure to begin. Notice problem area in the physical body. There are chakra blockages in this area. These areas need to be heeled on a spiritual level. Find out what causes damage to the spirit. Then work on those areas. Doctors today only treat people with procedures and manufactured medicine. They forget all about the spirit. A person with a damaged spirit will become ill. A body heals in time , but time is an illusion (I'm not saying don't see a doctor, but heal the spirit as well.)

2. Acceptance: Accept the inner voice that tell you from right from wrong or higher self to be real and truthful. Do every thing the voice tells you. This voice will never lie and has always been there.

3. Harmony: Harmonize your vibration with the natural Earth , natrual way of life, spiritually and physically.

4.Fear of letting GO: Let go of everything. Detach from all things you have. Posses nothing. The only thing you have is your energy body that is all you need.

5: Fear of being alone: Don't worry you wont be alone when you make it everyone will be there . Every one comes in at the same time, because there is no time there. Its the feeling just like child birth. A baby feels all alone in the universe during birth. We are terrified when we make the trip from higher dimensions. We remember this feeling. So being born into the 5th or just connecting it, can be scary but it is triggering old memories of childbirth. We must over come fear.

6. Fear of Death: You are an energy body. We are eternal. We cannot be destroyed. We are part of the creator, which is indestructible. There for we are indestructible. (Basically we have to become fearless and also applies to #4.)

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