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Triangular-shaped objects caught the attention of five witnesses from three states on Feb. 22 and 24 - while a low-flying "huge black object" was spotted moving north through Oklahoma skies

In the two Rhode Island and two California cases, the reports are similar enough that in both cases, it could be the same object being observed.

Following are the unedited witness testimony as filed with the Mutual UFO Network.

RI - Feb. 22, 2009 - Five bright white lights in shape of triangle with blue and red lights

While driving back home, I noticed 3 extremely bright lights in the distance, one was a bit higher than the other two. My boyfriend thought it might be a plane landing, however,as we drove further south, it flew to our east, about 200 feet over head, over the woods, it hovered there, moving extremely slow when we noticed a triangle shape, an actual object, with 5 extremely bright white lights, almost like bright spot lights, with a solid red light in the center and blue lights. Bright white lights did not flash, but stayed constant, no lights blinked. All on the UNDERBELLY of the object. We did not see wings or a tail of a plane, especially with it being that close. There was no noise like a landing plane would make and it seemed to just hang in the sky. We noticed a definite shape. It was surrounded by low clouds. Unfortuntely we couldn't stop because we were going 65MPH on the highway. I was shaken up by it because it was not moving and the lights were so HUGE and BRIGHT, so bright they were beaming down onto the trees below. We got to a further stretch of highway and every single street light was out on the road, which we have never seen in the 100s of times we drive on that road in a year.

RI - Feb. 22, 2009 - A configuration of three bright lights seen from Portsmouth, RI

I was leaving my girlfriend's apartment late Sunday night at 11:37 P.M. the time should be within a minute or two according to the clock in the car. When I walked out of the hallway and onto the second story deck I caught a quick glance of an object moving in the distant sky. It was on a north by north west heading. The object moved in a straight line away from me and out of sight behind the tree line with in a matter of five to ten seconds.

It had three bright lights, one red in the center and two white lights one on each side of the red light. I didn't hear any sound but it was quite windy that night so it may have masked it; in fact I wouldn't have even looked in that direction for more than a second if it wasn't for the wind blowing so hard into my face.

I wasn't able to determine an exact shape of the object but if you were to play connect the dots with the lights it would have formed a triangle with the red light slightly above the two white lights; they were very bright. The lights on the Newport Bridge, which you can see from the road looking south west, were dim in comparison.

It really didn't even register right away at what I could possibly be looking at until the next day. I was more concerned with not getting blown off the deck and making my way down icy stairs without breaking my neck.

CT - Feb. 22, 2009 - 2 bright headlights in the sky. As we got closer it slowed and hovered above the trees. We could see it was triangular under with 4 lights. There was no noise. It turned and moved away from us

We were driving and saw clearly what looked like bright headlights coming towards us from the south. I thought how weird it looked like a car in the sky. We thought it was a plane and seemed to be in the flight path. They lights were low in the sky and were moving slowly. As we drove towards it it seemed to slow then it stopped and hovered above the trees just to the left of the road. It was stationery for at least 10 seconds and we could now distinctly see a triangle shape with 4 lights. 1 at the top and 3 across the bottom of the triangle. We rolled the window down to hear noise but there was none. It took a 90 degree turn towards the east and slowly moved away from us. We kept saying "What is it?" We were trying to make sense of it. We turned the car around to get another look and it was gone.

CA - Feb. 24, 2009 - Three Red/Orange Lights in a shape of Triangel Moving slowly

I was driving back home with my friend from Vijeas Casino in San Diego County when we saw these Three red/orange lights in a shape of triangle, I looked at my friend and told him is that a UFO and he said naw that's probably some lights in the mountain, but as we were driving towards the lights we realized there is no mountain anywhere near the Object, we where astonished of what we were witnessing, so be stopped by this turnout before getting to freeway 8w approximately 1:15 am and we saw this 3 Red/orange lights moving slowly in triangular shape closer and closer, we try to take a picture with the cellphone but it was too dark to take a pic with it, and we were just amazed of what we were the object getting closer it was getting bigger and you could see it rotating slowly as well... around 1:30 am the Object started to disappear. First, one light disappeared, after 15sec the second light did, and it wasn't just instant, but slowly dimming, and after 15sec the third and final one disappeared. and my friend and I where just amazed of the sight we just had, it was nothing that we ever saw on the sky it looked nothing like the stars or plans or helicopters or flairs or any earthly thing it was a UFO. We called 911 at 1:32 and we reported it and asked if anyone else reported it they said no but they took the name and phone number and said they will call us and let us know if anything was reported.

CA - Feb. 24, 2009 - 3 Bright red lights, Triangle shaped, slowly moving west / northwest, then slowly disappear

On 2-24-2009 at 1:15am, the skies were clear with no clouds in the way, I saw 3 bright red lights in the shape of a triangle in the eastern sky of El Cajon, East County of San Diego. Seemed to be moving in a West or Northwestern direction, slowly, but was clearly moving, Started as a equilateral triangle, but looked like it was turning, and then the triangle began to get tighter at the bottom, then return to a more equal triangle. after about ten minutes of watching this, the lights began to flicker out, one at a time, starting with the top or the triangle, then the right bottom, then finally the left bottom. My brother is the one who first saw it, he called me on his cell, he was on the 8 freeway heading east, when he called to tell me to go outside and check it out. I witnessed the lights , as well as my mom and my dad. I'm a 30 year old Security Guard, and have never seen anything like it., I'm still shocked and amazed at the same time.

OK - Feb. 21, 2009 - Huge black object with lights across the back traveling south to north

I am reporting this for my husband who is pretty much an unbeliever (meaning he has not personally seen anything he could not identify until tonight) but now he is not so sure, after what he witnessed. He was leaving our side road which leads to the highway from our house going to work. He had just called a friend he works with and was almost to the highway, coming to a stop at the stop sign when he saw a HUGE black object traveling over Hwy 9. Hwy 9 & I-44 intersect about a half mile from here. The area has those turnpike lights along the highway so the area is fairly well lit up. He immediately got off the phone with his friend & tried calling me as he had only gotten a mile from home. But his cell phone wouldn't work for some reason. He sat at the stop sign & watched it until it went over the trees which was over Hwy 9 by now. His discription was, at first thought, it was a low flying commercial airplane but he could not see any wings anywhere on it. It had 5 or 6 lights across the back, red & amber colored, in a straight line. The lights were flashing in a sequence of four then would pause and resume. It did not make any noise at all. He said it was about 1000-2000 ft in altitude, flying or gliding at a slow speed & it was HUGE. It was traveling south to north over the Bridgecreek area. He said from the time he first saw it, the sighting only lasted about 2-3 minutes. We live in the general area where the couple had a sighting back in early Jan. He is not what you would call a believer in UFO's but he said this was definately something he could not identify. If anyone else saw this thing tonight, I hope you report it on here.

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