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Signs of the times - Do not give in to fear or anger

At the moment, it is pretty hard to ignore. From every corner of the globe, we are bombarded with bad news, terrible injustice and abuses of power.

The 'swine flu' pandemic, especially, seems to be screaming for our attention. Give it no thought. Don't even follow the ruminations of those who spell doom, or want you to think of what /might/ happen at some point in the future, by calling this a 'pandemic' rather than an 'outbreak'. It was the same with Mad Cow's disease a decade and a half ago, and then again with SARS and bird flu. The scheme by now is transparent, it's simply a way to spread fear. So let go of fear.

My company, unexpectedly, has decided to let go nearly twenty percent of its staff. There is no mention of where or when this will occur, or what form these redundancies will take. It has been decided this will be entirely random, across the whole company. This is creating fear, doubt, and anger. I have chosen to ignore it. If I happen to be one of those that have to go, I will move on. If not, then there is nothing I have to worry about. Let go of fear, doubt and anger. They serve no purpose.

Read on a Belgian news website today: criminals who are being indicted with crimes carrying up to 20 years prison time will be able to 'buy' their way out. In the most radical form of plea bargaining ever seen in continental Europe, these criminals will be able to trade time behind bars for a sum of money to be determined by the judicial system, depending on the severity of the crime. This is a return to the feudal and class justice systems of the dark ages, and understandably this is causing much anger. Again, I have decided to let this go, and trust that the next elections in two months time will do away with it.

Fear is an illusion, anger is a corrupted guide, doubt is the anchor of the lower dimensions. Let them go. Give them no thought. These are the times that matter, choose your path through it very carefully, and trust your inner truth.

Namaste, my friends.

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Thank you so much for this words Ullan. I feel exactly the same.
I've just read about this "mexican flu" pandemic and my mind "travelled": I just remembered my friend's sister is going to Mexico next month, then she'd come back and be in contact with my friend that subsequently would be in contact with me and we'd all get the flu!!! As soon as this 2 seconds fear based thought came to me I just shout at myself "Noooo! Don't give in to this!!". So instead of forwarding this message to my friend, I just let it go; and that's is how I am (slowly) trying to let go of fear...letting go of these "fear traps"...and I feel free!!!
Great post Ullan, I really am trying to let the fear go and think everything is going to be alright! I know it will... but is the road to that time that the dark forces are trying to work with in order to buy time for them, and maybe try to hold on a little longer. People all over the planet are struggling to survive, keep a positive mind but on the other hand the awful news, economy crashing, family issues is all coming to surface NOW!
I believe it has to be that way. There is no more time to waste in: ok will change tomorrow! we being force to look at what we have allowed to happen and is time to deal with it and let it go... begin a new world full of love and joy.
Love & Light
Thank you I needed some encouragement, I got family members and friends talking about different negative things going on and I just try to pass it off because it makes me feel worse. But they are always coming and telling me about different negative things that are going on that make people feel negative. And they just pass it along not realizing that they are adding to the problem.
Hmmm. I agree, in that giving thought to these things, designed to create fear in us, are best ignored! Thinking about these things only feeds the negative, dark side. Nobody needs to do that!
Peace to everyone,

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