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Shift of the Ages: Scientific Proof for Ascension.

Has anyone read this book also (Shift of the Ages: Scientific Proof for Ascension)?
if not, it's a MUST. it has completely changed my life. mostly because it introduced me to ascension, but in it and the two other volumes in the set are droves of amazing facts.
this reality of ours is absurdly breath taking.
David Wilcock put his three books on his website: for free. can you believe it?
i am an undergraduate physics major and am obsessed with the physics of consciousness.
think about this:
every thing that current physics teaches us is really describing the ways in which the manifestation of consciousness takes place. all modern physics is explaining the conscious fabric of reality but they [mainstream physics community] have no idea !
it's frustrating sometimes when people who are very scientific deny spirituality and also when people who are very spiritual deny science. two sides of the same coin!
any way, i have information and videos regarding the physics of "ufos" pulled from many different sources and cutting edge "fringe" physics.
i will makes some sort of presentation in the coming days if enough people are interested. let me know!
much love,

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sounds very interesting. Ive seen a few videos on the science of consciousness. I'll definatly have a look at his stuff.
Have you ever seen any of David Sereda's videos on UFO travel. He has plans to construct his own. Its called To Andromeda. Something along those line. i cant quite think of it right now. Im sure google will be sufficient to find it.
Hi Arash,

I would love to see those.

Alternately could you watch videos of Physicist Nassim Haramein which is in two parts and both parts are of about 8 hours.

I can guarantee that it would blow your mind off about the facts and theories he puts across!

Love & Peace,
Ravi Raju
holy crap. i just watched Nassim Haramein's 8 presentation. it's a lot over lap on Wilcock's book but with much better visuals (Wilcock's book almost had none). i found it especially helpful when it came visualizing sacred geometries. brilliant man that Haramein is.
all me need is a little momentum.
check out my blog, by the by: (probably the best blog on the internet).

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