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Ok, so normally I wouldn't be too interested in hearing about another persons dreams. But lately ive had some rather......interesting ones. I, like most of you, have indeed been listening to solfeggio frequencies quite often (actually when i wake up and before i got to bed to be precise). Needless to say, saying that my perception of reality as a whole has changed would be a scarce understatement. I'm a little uncertain as to what this dream meant, if it is an actual channeling of somesort, or whether its just my imagination going wild. Friday night i went to bed at a decent hour, I fell asleep listening to an ambient rendering of the frequencies. I awoke in a field full of people looking up at a gray cloudy sky. The clouds bubbled and dipped down immensely low, and the cloud bubble filled the entire sky. I turned around to look at peoples faces to see their reaction. Some of them were completely horrified, some had huge smiles on their faces, and some were just in a state of confusion, even paranoia. So i continued to look at this cloud with awe. The cloud bubble sort of did this massive implosion upward and made this giant almost heavenly high frequency choral noise as it shot upward into the sky and it opened up to reveal 15, maybe 20 HUGE ships of somesort, some were stationary, some did a gigantic leap out into the stars. The colors were absolutely beautiful. Now, normally im not exactly one to remember my dreams at all, sometimes I do, but they are very vague. But i can swear to you, that this one was almost as vivid and real as the keyboard im typing on now. My girlfriend even said she heard me speaking in my dream and doing something like "WHOA!" ahahaha! So anyways, has anyone else here had any similar dreams as this lately? I'd love for people here to share them. I really can't stop thinking about this!

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Dear Telekom Youth.


This is maybe an odd reaction, and possibly one you weren't expecting, but I do feel that you have crossed a very important line, reached a very important milestone in your development. More and more people are telling me that they can finally remember their dreams, and all of them appear to represent their current feelings about the topic of the FOL and ascension.

From your dream, I interpret that you are sensitive to the mixed emotions being displayed, and indeed the mixed emotions that will be displayed, when the day of disclosure finally arrives. Some will be in awe, some will be in shock, and a great many will be afraid. But in that field, in your dream, /you/ are the one observing, seeing the reactions, and adding serenity to the proceedings by showing a clear emotion: joy. This tells me that no matter how many people will be afraid or shocked when they see what they shall see, you will be there to tell them to not be afraid. You yourself have stopped being afraid.

Thus, congratulations.
not a dream, more a vision of some sort.
For a long time now I have felt it but now it is getting stronger.
I need to go to PERU, something is there or is going to happen there that is very important to do with ufos etc.
Its an overwhelming feeling that is getting stronger and stronger.
PERU 2009 is what I feel now.
So heres looking forward to next year..........
Andy, I posted a movie called The Celestine Prophecy, it happens in PERU. Maybe you need to see this movie first (or read the book) if you did not allready... The Celestine Prophecy

Andy (UK) said:
not a dream, more a vision of some sort.
For a long time now I have felt it but now it is getting stronger. PERU I need to go to PERU, something is there or is going to happen there that is very important to do with ufos etc.
Its an overwhelming feeling that is getting stronger and stronger.
PERU 2009 is what I feel now.
So heres looking forward to next year..........
ive never seen it, will watch it now

Ok this is a very old dream (10 years old maybe) that comes back to my mind often lately. Its not very clear but I beleive it has something to do with now..

I remember we were all in what I would call a HUGE house but very very HUGE maybe like NewYork city for instance.. It seemed like everybody on this planet was there. We were all waiting standing on the floor, I was talking with people next to me when we were told to take a stairway, their was many stairways and we all knew which one to take. So I took mine and as we were all heading up walking, I remember looking at my feet and I was barefoot and was not touching the floor. There were no steps on the stairway it was flat but going up. Some people were walking and some were just floating an inch from the floor but we were all going the same direction and same speed, their was so many people in there and we were all dressed the same with a roman toga. I dont remember reaching the top but we walked for a long time. As I looked over I could see like hundreds of stairways going in every direction filled with people going their way up. Thats all I remember..
As of today I beleive we were not in a huge house but in a spaceship..
I know I dream a lot these days but never quite remember anything.. Sometimes I wake up slowly hearing a voice telling me things I cannot remember the next minute.. Also most of the dreams I remember happens in the dark or at night but last night in my dreams it was during the day..

Last night in my dreams..
I went to register my name to some place and was told to go to this appartement.. It was a very long appartement. I came thought the door which was at one end of this long appartement and walk looking for my room, in fact it was not MY room but the room for the group I was part of.. Their was maybe 10 rooms in there and all on my right. I walked my way looking at every room I crossed but could not relate to the people inside. Anyhow my room was the last one at the other end of the appartement. I remember that outside the room or in front of the room it was a mess, but I knew it was my room. Someone was in there and it felt like this guy was from the saviorsofearth network. I looked out the window and the view did not impressed me as it was facing a wall or something.. Then for some reason the guy threw me a cigarette (im a smoker) that I failed to catch.. It fell on the table next to the window and then fell between the table and the wall so the guy threw me another one and this time I catched it.. I looked on the floor searching for the cigarette to realize their was like 10 of them on the floor and some more on the table. I took them all and ended with a handfull of cigarettes that I put back on the table. Thats all I can remember...
Well i didn't have a special dream however this morning it was almost lucid. I basically thought of what i wanted to do and it was like a story i was directing. Not eveything happened as i wanted though. It had to do with riding a motorcycle, something i really look forward to.
Telekom Youth, if we were to interpret this as if it were a dream and nothing else, the sky would represent your superconscious (the part of you that is your higher self and is connected with all others because we are One). First your superconscious was blocked off from you by the clouds, but when your clouds got their lowest, and the other parts of yourself (represented by the people) were having mixed reactions to it, your sky opened up to reveal space craft, which are interpreted as a means of reaching your higher self. This is exactly the type of dream I would expect from someone who recently started meditating, as that is a means to reach your superconscious, and the vehicle most used.

Ted Your 10 year old dream is similar, but in it you are in your mind, which you have a high opinion of as shown by its vastness (that's okay, you were a kid an its alright that you were self confident within your own mind!) you were rising also towards your mind's higher levels. (I know what you mean about the floating, I always dream I walk that way, but I'm not entirely sure what that means yet...whether it is a good sign of evolvement, or a sign that I'm disconnected from my subconscious, represented by the ground...we will both have to figure that one out!).

Your latest dream: You went to register your identity at a place where minds (apartment rooms) are shared. You aren't relating to the people in the other rooms. These could represent other people in your life, who you aren't relating to, or they could represent parts of yourself that you aren't relating to (you will have to think about the people you saw and figure out what they represent to you...if you had to write down 2 words about each, what would the words be? That will tell you what aspects of yourself or others you may not be relating to). You feel that someone has invaded your mind (your room) and made a mess of it. The person in the room may be someone from this board, as that was what you felt in your dream. They are passing you awareness (cigarettes are to be lit, and light represents awareness), but the awareness is falling on the floor (which represents your subconscious...a place where things you are unaware of typically live). You found them though, picked them up and put them on a table (a surface whose purpose in a dream is to bring your attention to what is on it). I would interpret this to mean that you have recognized something important that this "invader" has given you, and that you are now bringing it to your conscious to think about. One thing that may change the meaning is whether the cigarettes are a good kind of awareness (because you smoke, so you like them) or a bad kind (if you still view them as bad for you). This is up to your interpretation. Only the dreamer can really figure out what it really means, based on what is going on in their head and their life at that time.

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