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Voice your Pain for the World

By Seraphin thru Rosie

Nov 26, 2010 - 6:11:14 AM

Voice your Pain for the World

Dear All,

I received a message yesterday (October 29th) but didn't post it as I was told it was not imperative, and more to do with me personally. However, here it is as it may benefit anyone reading here, especially after the last amazing update which warns of impending action, destruction and crumbling of mental landscapes during which many people will experience PAIN. Here is the message:

We are moving with alacrity. In this I mean swift in pace and in purpose. Your doubts as to the manifestation of our promises will dissipate just as quickly. We know it seems to you like dreamland, a vision where your dreams of peace are realised and where erradication of the thugs will leave you with a clean slate to work with. Your expectations will be met on one level, but the highest level of purity will not yet be achieved. This must be achieved mainly by man, Beloveds. Spoon-feeding has no place in the ascension process. Self-made creation is the order of the day and of all days into eternity.

R: Should I post this? Is it necessary?

This is not imperative. This is to alleviate your personal pain, the pain of carrying around the dreadful knowledge in your heart, the pain of knowing that many will suffer, the pain of not being able to communicate this fully, the pain of not yet being able to expose the full suffering of others, the pain of living in a matrix that you despise, the pain of passing from a settled spiritually aware planet to live in a prison-orientated environment where few recognise their sovereignty.

On second thoughts, perhaps you should post this as it may relieve some of the pain that others are carrying too, releasing tears which need to be released. Giving expression to this pain which you experience continuously may bring you more closely together, show universal empathy and strengthen your resolve to bring about change collectively.

There could be a "VOICE YOUR PAIN FOR THE WORLD" thread - not for personal pain experienced in personal relationships or as a result of financial hardships, but the pain involved with how people treat each other and how they treat the earth, failing to live up to their feelings of divine responsibility to themselves and each other.

Know that we of the celestial heirachy love you and support you in this, Beloveds, and know that expression builds a bridge to others who feel it also. Mutually supporting and comforting each other you can grow together and move towards positive action which instigates change.

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Thank you, Besimi.

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