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From time to time we suggest that extra heart-focused care and intention be directed to specific planetary needs. While previous suggestions have been event-specific, there are also many ongoing problems that could benefit from extra heart care.

The civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to create immense suffering. Since 1988, 5.4 million people have been killed because of this conflict. Now the war has again intensified. An estimated 250,000 people have been displaced recently because of the fighting and 1,500 people are murdered each day. Atrocities too numerous and horrific to mention are taking place en masse every day. This is truly a large-scale humanitarian crisis and it’s getting worse.

The international community is paying attention. Aid workers are doing the best they can, but face an uphill battle. At the time of this message, a fragile ceasefire is in place and an additional 3,000 United Nations troops are being sent into the region. Although this is very good news, there also is growing fear that the conflict between rebel and government forces could escalate significantly. If this happens millions of people will be in harm’s way and the suffering will intensify.

We are suggesting that for the next week you use the Introductory Coherence Technique or whatever process you choose to send your heart-focused care and compassion to this area/crises. In the fifth step of the technique, “Radiate the genuine feelings of compassion and care to the planet or to a specific area of immediate need,” please consider sending your energetic support to help those directly affected by this conflict.

Thank you for your continued care.

Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee

P.S. To download the Introductory Coherence Technique, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

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