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Greetings, All: I'm happy to be joining you on this wonderful site.. I discovered it via a link posted on which i've been associated with for two years. I've shared the following there, and i hope it proves helpful here, as well. The first link makes available a Manual which offers instruction on how to self attune for Reiki and, by extension, for any and all other energy healing techniques requiring an attunement/initiation/activation. The process works perfectly. I've been involved with Usui and "other Reikis" for 21 years, and teaching for 15. The method shared appears to be fail safe in my experience.

The second site, in essence, updates and supplements the first. The third offers approximately 300 practices that you might review, and thereafter select those for which you wish to self attune. While some of the data regarding those practices may be lacking, you would, nevertheless, have the "energy" from that practice. That seems reasonably valuable in itself. Enjoy !!!

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Thanks a lot man ... :)
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