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5/20/09 1:03:24 AM Council Sirian Andromedan

Arcturians - Greetings We come to you tonight to disuss very important and urgent matters that have come to our attention. Please bear with us as there are mulitiple sources attempting to fix upon the channel at the same time.

It has come to our attention that one of your sattelites has spotted someo f our ships. It appears that someone who was “on our side” has switched sides at this time. We warn you strongly that your lives may be in danger. Please head this warning appropriately..

It is an urgent matter that we speak to you about now. There are those of us on your planet who are taking a stronger war stance, who have decided they want to stay, and ant to control the populace. Many of these bretheren are now using channels to spew foul things about our various races, and to shed a engative light upon matters, when weintend only peace.

It is urgent that you understand we are outside attempting to take control of the being that is in your yard. It is possible that someone may see us, so be warned, we aren not attempting havey cloaking, but this being is very strong to our light.

Please understand that we are not testing you at this time, you are indeed in very grave danger. We would sugeest strongly that you move the girls out of their room and into your room for protection for the night, placing them between the wall and the bed. We havedecided that the only other possible solution at this time is to place them in your bed.

Serians – we have come to warn you that your mate is being sought widely and strongly. Too many people know about her, which is a positive thing, but is having negative reactions. Bewarre for her safety please.

She is cherished among our people and it is a situation in which we have chosen to involve ourselves, as these attacks seem to be starting very hheavy as of right now, globally.

Your interior is protected by the Council of 12 as they have agreed to do. We are here for you, but will remain out of communication uless we are called upon, as we do not want to risk being seen.

Please check on the child.

Do not leave the children unattended this night. It will not be long before we get this under control but we suggest you wait until we have given you information that the parea is clear before returning the children to their beds.

It was our intent to have a discussion on previous matters, and other matters as well before departing this evening. If all is well, then we will be able to continue the channel once your mate has slept.

It is advisable for the time being that she does not put the children on the bus, however rather that you do this. She will object but she wil need to stay inside for a short time. She indicates in her thoughts that she has an appointment tomorrow. If you must go, then be careful at all times.

Anromeda – We are here. We will watich carefully over things, and attempt to take care of the children and situation. However, we advise also the same courses of action, until further notified.

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Fear fear fear is only what I do hear....

Well keep your children inside but if I must believe u ..there is no way to hide...

But come on it is a great day after the fourth of july ...the sun is shining ...Yes for you and I

We send out our LOVE to the Earth because you know YOU ALL ARE IT WORTH
This is well, however it certainly seems as if you are intent at discrediting at this point. I certainly hope I am wrong.

The intent is not Fear, but just to allow knowledge to be given to the masses. It is interesting how many LOOK for darkness within channelings of LIGHT, yet ignore the MESSAGE, and the INTENT of the message.
Well you popt out of the blue
and tells us lightworkers the truth we allready knew
We are all lightworkers from first hand
please do not act upset I think you well know understand

We all bring our love to this Earth in an unconditional way
And no matter what will come ... we will survive ... come what may

Namaste true Saviors of Earth

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