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This is both a critical and an extraordinary time for OUR PLANET. 

During the past five years we have witnessed an increasing awareness about climate change. Environmental organisations, conservation groups and even governments are now actively encouraging businesses and individuals to seriously consider the effect that climate change is having on our planet and the effect it is predicted to have in the years ahead. It has become necessary for us all to take responsibility for our carbon emissions because it is so important to the future of this planet. 

We are currently witnessing the creation of entire new industries focused solely on creating environmentally friendly technologies and new jobs in sustainability and eco management. Currently the strong international pressure for more sustainable practices to be employed throughout all facets of business and agriculture worldwide is absolutely a necessary step in the right direction. But the question is - Will it be enough? 

What are we all really doing to reduce OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT? Are we honestly able to say that we are doing our absolute best to recycle, to cut down energy use in our homes, to use less water, to use eco-friendly products where we can and public transport and cleaner fuels? 

At CCN, we strongly believe that the most effective way to motivate people to take action on climate change is to incentivise them. If done correctly this can create a mass movement of people to take real action to reduce their carbon emissions and to offset any carbon that they are unable to reduce. 

To do this, CCN has created an easy 3 step process that can excite people about becoming involved in going Carbon Neutral. 

Step 1: Starts with the purchase of carbon credits that support initiatives for saving our rainforests around the world, as it is our rainforests that we believe are most important part of the battle against climate change. By becoming a CCN Carbon Trader and purchasing 25 tonnes of carbon credits, you are well on your way towards going carbon neutral and saving rainforests in Indonesia and other parts in the world. 

Step 2: Involves helping you to earn money by working from home either part-time or full-time by promoting the importance of individuals or businesses becoming carbon neutral and saving our worlds rainforests. 

Step 3: We then offer you the opportunity to purchase more Carbon Offsets through our world partners and to retail them, auction them or even exchange them to create more income for yourself. This is all backed with training and other initiatives put in place to support you. 

We believe that educating people to become involved with the buying and selling of CARBON OFFSETS will create a value that everyone can benefit from beyond just major corporations and governments. 

CCN is creating the NETWORK to start this process. We are confident that the move to GO GREEN, to GO CARBON NEUTRAL and to save our world's rainforests will improve economies around the world, creating a better use of our resources and sustaining our planet for future generations. 

At CCN we aim to transform the greatest challenge facing humanity today, into the greatest opportunity of our time.


IF you want to become carbon trader and help to save our rainforest you can also make a  good living of it, its very good bussines. For all the details chech out the home page and for your sign in name of your sponsor is micofico 


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How you can earn with ccn and help protecting rainforests.

Well if all you needed to do was offset your carbon emissions, the amount of Carbon Dioxide created through driving a car or taking public transport, waste you create from consuming products, energy you use for heating or cooling your house and running TVs, computers and all other appliances, could that be a realistic starting point?

Now what if you could be rewarded by making that effort to offset your carbon emissions and for helping others to do the same. What if as a result you were not only helping to save our rainforests from destruction but also potentially creating yourself a part-time income from working at home?

The CCN Compensation Plan is built on simplicity; after all saving rainforests is not a complicated thing to get people interested in doing.

As such CCN had to create a realistic and achievable system that could really allow people to be able to work from home, earn a great income and enjoy a better lifestyle whilst also helping fight climate change by saving our world's precious rainforests. CCN know that to create long term residual income you need to have a business that is simple to duplicate and is exciting for people to be involved with.

That is why when you read about our 5 Ways to Earn you will see how easy this is for anyone to make a success of it. What is furthermore you can be assured that by being in business for yourself with CCN you are not over extending yourself every month by paying for something you cannot afford or that will not earn you money.

Next you need to learn how to be a confident business builder and CCN works to help its members every step of the way with training support and other additional bonuses paid fortnightly and even monthly, keeping people motivated to stick to the program as they learn how to be profitable Carbon Traders and monetise their network successfully.

The 5 main types of bonuses paid to CCN members, all make a real difference in helping CCN members achieve their financial goals faster:
Income Bonus Description
1. Fast Start Unilevel Bonuses Earn 10% of all Carbon Pack Sales across your 1st Level and your 2nd Level. Paid daily this income makes it worth your while to get out there build the business every day.
2. Multi-Match Bonuses Earn up to €45,000 per fortnight based on building 2 teams. From day 1 you earn €50 every time that you accumulate 250 points in one of your teams and 500 points in the other team.
3. Matching Bonuses Earn up to 4 levels of Matching Bonuses. Imagine earning from 10% to 20% of the Multi-Match income paid to your personally sponsored directs and then up to 5% on their directs and their directs and their directs.
4. Live Auctions Earn money as a Carbon Trader when buying and selling credits on the CCN Auction Platform.
5. ECO Bonuses Turn your purchased IMO Credits into a monthly residual income that you do not need to work for. Paid based on the dollar value of the carbon credits you have purchased.

So get on board with CCN and start working towards creating your own financial freedom working from home, in an industry where you are really working for the betterment of the world!

We encourage you to please take the time read through the different incomes available in CCN under this menu section.

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