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Saturday, May 16, 2009,01:31:15

Ariguli, “Paladean” Ambassador for the “Greens” as you call them:

As I am not of Paladean decent the title is somewhat misleading. Please be advised that this title was granted to me by Others, and not of my own choosing, lest you be confused in the matter. I am, however, Arcturian.

Yes, a healthy lifestyle will be mandatory for you both, along with many other citizens of your world. You have allowed the Children of the Sun to affect your energy levels and eating habits as if they were as you are. You require more nutrients, and of a different type, than those of the lower energy ranges. Please be advised more will come in this matter as a Nutritional guide will be sent to advise you, Jeremiah, as to the foods and proper preparation of those foods that should be implemented in your household as soon as possible. Listen for the guidance, and follow their instructions, even if they do not seem like they are coming from another source, or as if they do not make sense. There are reasons for all things. These combinations you will need to spread out, giving them to others to implement, so we advise that you write them down as you receive them. Yes, we know you are not the feminine, but it is you who will be advised.

Jeremiah: Thank You Ariguli for announcing your presence it is greatly appreciated.

You are welcome.

Yes, and you are welcome, once again. I am honored to make your acquaintance, and I look forward to many more eras to come of future cooperation between our selves and our companions and associates. You intrigue me.

Lissa, a “Blue” as you would call me. I have spoken with this channel before, and am comfortable in her presence. I am content with your relationship with her in that you and I may speak freely, and I know that she trusts you to be discreet.

Relationship Harmony is utmost important for those of “our” kinds, those that are currently under the illusion that they are at least partially “human”. The negative vibrations caused by relationship “dis-ease” is wide reaching, and affects others that are not within the circle of that relationship. This is a downward spiral effect as it effects each of the people those persons meet, and so on. It is better to have a positive energy field around you and your relationships, as well as having healthy active sexual relations that build up the frequencies within which you reside. I say within which you reside speaking of the body in which you are currently residing. Please take into consideration that the higher the frequency the more effect that our communications will have upon your beings. It is important for all to understand that the persistent negative interactions that they have with other beings radiates out into other universes and dimensions and is not contained just within the person that initiates the negativity. All negative behaviors have far reaching consequences. Please be advised further communications on this matter will be forthcoming so as to prepare many for the upcoming events, and to aid in raising the vibrations of your planet and her Sun children as well.

Michkael, member of a “foreign” “league” of “lightworkers”, I do not wish to detail my titles as they are long and numerous and tedious. I am simply Michkael, not to be confused with the one you know as Archangel Michael, as many seem inclined to believe.

Prioritization of matters has become an utmost important factor in all communications and in our plans to reveal ourselves in our truest forms to those on your planet that have been chosen, as well as to the general populace.

Militaristically, we are not intending war. This is said only to calm the minds of those that are less accepting of the concept of Others “out there”. I have learned much of your language through the mind of the Channel, so I attempt to portray my concepts through her words. I hope one understands that this may lead to miscommunication, but her words will be as accurate as it is allowed through verbal communications.

I have spoken previously of the coming events at the beginning of the time frame you call a month, which you identify as July. It is planned to occur in conjunction with the first full moon of the month of July. If the plans put in place are able to be carried out as they are currently intended, there will be many who will feel threatened and wish war. Our intent is for many to be prepared, and to have their awareness expanded.

Jeremiah, that sound was the projected sonic sound of one of our ships. It was projected for your benefit, as verification of our presence.

(This sound was VERY loud and I had to go to the door and look outside for it seemed very close to the house. Also noted: The vibrations associated with this ship seemed to shake the very structure of the home.)

Many are yet unprepared for the basic concept of Otherworldly intelligence, and your entertainment known as television has done a poor job of preparing them, portraying us as hideous monsters and ugly beasts. We are not all of this caliber, although I would be deceptive if I said that there were not those out there that do fit those descriptions, by my own personal experience.

It is our intent to keep these other races from descending upon your planet before your people are prepared in many ways for their arrival. Our timing was decided in order to give allowance for these things. It is also our intent to allow those who are aware and are interested to be removed off world, and returned to the “home worlds” where they originated.

There is intent for further communications on this matter, but I would advise that you and others refer to the previous channeling(s) from this Channel for further information.

I wish you peace, and seek to speak Military strategy with you some time, Jeremiah. You have a very interesting mind, and I am intrigued by your thoughts. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on many matters, just to expand my thought processes in this matter, and to exchange ideas.

You are thanked and I bid you good evening. I am sorry to have requested your audience at such a late hour, but the timing was imperative. For if you continue upon your current path, many will be affected, and this is our intent and wish as well. For many will be enlightened beyond any concept that they have at this time, even those who believe they “know it all”.


Bettye, I am a “Grey” as many would call me, but my race is not simply “Grey” it is no more than the perceived color patterns of the flesh in which my consciousness resides.

Clairaudience, yes. Please pull the other related cards as well.

Yes, you will understand momentarily.

Three I understand is the usual, however in this case, you will wish to acknowledge all aspects, and recognize the first three only, then use the fourth as a verification.

Please read Clairaudience first. No offense is taken.

Yes Clairaudience is the skill of “hearing” beyond the normal ranges, of hearing the “thoughts” and “words” of those that are outside the “human” spectrum. It is vital that you learn to use your “extra” ears, and listen to the guidance that is provided. This message is to all that reside on your planet, as many are remaining deaf to us by choice to not use these skills, which are readily available, even to Sun children.

Please read Claircognizance next. Yes, Claircognizance is the ability to “know” and be led by higher beings than yourself. You are gaining new talents every day.

One moment, I must allow the channel to breathe, as she is restricted in her chest.

My apologies, sometimes my presence so close in proximity can make breathing difficult for her. Please monitor her breathing. It is why I speak seldom through her as it causes her great discomfort. I am not a healer in those senses.

Please be advised that you have the “knowing” and need to acknowledge it more freely. You block yourself with your analytical thinking as do far to many that are on the planet you call Gaia, or Earth.

Please read Clairsentience next. Yes it is important to identify the physical sensations that are experienced during communications, such as the channels breathing issues. Each of these indications will help indentify who you are speaking with at the time, and to aid all in know that they speak with those whom are for their best interest, or for the best interest of the global community.

I will depart and return later, as I am concerned about her breathing. She is not breathing well.


I return with final. You are most welcome. She is of concern to us as well. You care for her well, and we recognize this and honor you with thanks for this.

We will speak soon.

You are much welcome. Visions are often disguised as dreams. Please be aware.

Yes, but the timing is not accurate, as she is not breathing well yet.

We depart for now.


Jeremiah, this is Michael. Please allow me to aid you, if you will.

She has had much activity today with us and with the others as well. It is advised that you do not allow so much interaction, as it will drain her reserves very quickly. You may have to monitor her interactions as she will openly listen to us and to others without consciously thought for herself.

I advise that you caution her in these matters although I doubt it would do much good.

I wish she could see it within her self. She has far too much lack of self awareness for my comfort. She is timid and shy when she should be confident. This does not benefit anyone to the fullest.

You are doing well by the channel Jeremiah. You just need practice.

She has injured herself with over action in these matters. She does not per say need rest but she needs to better think about how much her physical body can handle, as her essence can handle much more than the physical body would allow.

White light of purification, and pink of love, use your guidance as well. You will learn much from those that communicate with you.

She’s about to pass out. You might want to wake her from the channel.

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im a bit confused
Even overtaking the damage? ....mei is allang voorbij ...
Sorry ... but it smacks to thrill

en dat is niet wat ik wil !!
I have not an idea what most of that says, as I don't understand the language. However, your attempts to slam most of my channelings is dis-concerting to say the least.

If anyone reads this for the MESSAGE, they should find it quite easy to understand.

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