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Sananda and Ashtar: Wake Up and CO-CREATE 5-D Earth! Awaken to Full Realization of Manifestation! Focus!

Sananda and Ashtar: Wake Up and CO-CREATE 5-D Earth! Awaken to Full Realization of Manifestation! Focus! 
SANANDA AND ASHTAR -- The Fifth Dimension + Awakening and Your Mission + Community, Group Spirit...

Lord Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ Ascended)
Through the body of Debbie Wright

You see, there are many dimensions, yes?   And as time goes by, in a soul's progression, the soul will traverse through MANY dimensions. Your soul is a very ancient soul. It has traversed many dimensions before.  Now, may I ask you a question?  Do you 'contain' your soul?  Do you 'restrict' it? Do you wish for it to just 'stay' in here... in this 'container'?   As those who are going through the awakening processes learn, the soul requires 'freedom'.  Once the soul starts attaining this freedom it, in essence, means that it is attaining freedom from your body.  So therefore, you travel.  It does not LEAVE your body, however, it 'travels'.  And then there are times that it will take your body with it.  Now... some experience as what they refer to as 'out-of-body experience'.  This is when the soul travels OUT of the body.  

This planet right now is in a moment of stasis. It's not actually in what you would refer to as the third dimension, yet it's not actually in what you would term the fourth dimension.  And yet, there are parts of it that are actually in what you would call the fifth dimension.  There are also parts of it that are even higher than that. Now, your soul, when it entered into its mission to come here, attained a portion of itself from the planet's soul.  So therefore, a part of your soul is connected to a part of the planet's soul.... so they can commune with each other and exist with each other. Now...when the planet itself travels between those many dimensions, then part of your soul feels that. Now, also, when a part of your soul travels those many dimensions, a part of the planet's soul travels parts of those dimensions.  This is where we come up with what you refer to as the term "mass consciousness", or "critical mass". If you have enough Beings on this planet who has allowed their soul their freedom to traverse in those different dimensions, and a certain number of them traverse to the same dimension at the same time, then that is enough pull on the planetary soul to take the planet with them... literally.  The more that hit a certain dimension at a time, the more of YOUR soul goes into that dimension the more that all the OTHER souls that are in that dimension go in to that dimension. Can you understand the connection of that?

Now...let's say those of you that are in this room right now decided that you wanted to go peek around in the fifth. Yes?  Do you know what would happen?  There is enough 'soul connection' in this room that you would take not only your souls, you might also even take your bodies.  You see, it takes a LOT of energy to transverse the body from one dimension to the next.  However, if you put enough energy from enough souls in one place at one time, you can take your body... ALL of you, because you generate that much energy NOW.

Let's say one of your major cities, such as just south of here (Phoenix)... all the Beings in that city decided that they wanted to go to the fifth dimension. And they all decided to do it at the same time.  That would be enough energy to take the whole planet.  Now, there have been some that have been saying that you have to have a certain percentage of the human population on the face of this planet to cause critical mass to kick in.  That is true...if they are very widespread.  However, if you were to take one whole city, and the entire population did this at one time, that would generate enough energy in that one spot to transplant this entire planet.  Now...shall we bend the laws of physics just a wee bit more?  If the entire population of one of your continents decided to do this at the same time, this entire galaxy could jump in dimension. it fair?  You see, there ARE no rules!  There's a few "Laws" here and there (Universal Laws), however, if you could convince that entire city just south of here.... that ALL of them on the same day, at the same time, at the same minute, LAUGHED....just really laughed, all the problems on this planet that generate from the third dimension would leave.  Now what would happen to all those Beings on this planet that decided they wanted to stay in that third dimensional reality?  Well, their body would probably die and they would go elsewhere and experience that third dimensional reality.  However, BEFORE that happened, they would enter in to that higher dimension, and they might like it and change their mind. Far be it from anyone to deny them their third dimensional reality if that's really and truly what they want!  However, most want it because they do not understand that there is better. Yes?  You see, your soul recognizes that its origins are not in this dimension.  This planet's soul recognizes that it's origins are not of this dimension.  The soul just wants to, shall we say, 'go Home'.  Oh, once in a while your soul goes Home to visit, however, your consciousness and your body, at this time, cannot go for the visit also.  This is what has been termed the 'veiling'...which you AGREED upon, so therefore, what you are feeling is, for now, just exactly what you planned on feeling. However, that is only for now. There are very easy steps to allow yourself the opportunity to change your mind.  And that is all I can SAY on THAT subject!  <grin>

Guest:        I would like to know how we can practice to go to the fifth dimension.

Sananada:    (Looking at Janisel) Would YOU like to answer this one?

Janisel:        Well... Debbie and I DID go to the fifth dimension. However, I suppose you could consider going to the ships as going to the fifth dimension.

Sananda:    But you went to the fifth physically, ‘in your body’.

Janisel:        Well, when we found out our website had been banned by the Chinese government, we were so ecstatic and recognized that our work had some worth to it... and we just.... 'went'.

Sananda:    Yes...exactly!   The quickest method of accomplishing that feat is finding and keeping JOY.  Laughter helps too!  You see, when one speaks of your 'words'... your words have a lot of power, and they have a lot of meaning.  For example, the term that you use..."enlightened".  What would you say that the definition for 'enlightened' is?
(Whispers to Janisel: "See...we can turn this into a class")
You see, some consider the energy from God as ‘Light’. Some consider it ‘Love’. Some consider it ‘Energy’.   It is all the same.  It is just a different point of view of the same thing.  For instance... take your word "levity", which means having fun, enjoying, lightening a situation, and in some circumstances, laughter!  Enlightenment just means something along the lines of "within the Light", or "lightening up".  Is this not the same thing as raising one's vibration?  Rising in Love?  Maybe even 'levitation'... or 'ascension'.  They're all tied in. You see, they are just words.  It's the 'concept' that resonates in your soul… the concept behind the words.  It's the ‘soul-food’ that your soul craves. More Light!  You see, this body that you have "agreed" to contain yourself in, is very dense. If you hold your hand in front of a light, very little of that light can you see through your hand.  This body blocks Light.

As we have been suggesting to these two over the course of...however many years it has been now... centuries now?... there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what will actually happen to you when you take your body from the third to the fifth dimension. Technically, your body allows more Light to work through it. Some might say your body becomes less dense, some might say your body becomes more transparent.  Those that are looking to be in a completely perfected body may have that once they enter into the fifth dimension. However, this will occur if that is what they have 'contracted' to have in the fifth dimension.  You see, since your body is able to allow more Light through it in the fifth dimension, you can integrate changes into it much more easily than you can now.  However, we know of those who have said that one morning they will wake up and decide to be a redhead. And thus it will be. It is that simple.  However, once you go on higher in dimension... let's say twelfth.... there IS no 'set' physical form for the twelfth dimension.  You are pure energy... pure Light.  So, therefore, if you decide you wish to have red hair, you can IMMEDIATELY have red hair, as long as you remember to manifest a head to put the hair on!  Yes?  Therefore, when you are pure energy, you can manifest any form you wish to take.  Some of you in this room will NOT go to the fifth.... you are not 'contracted' to stay that dense.  You will continue to 'perfect energy'.  I will not say WHO! as I might get in trouble!  My brother Ashtar tries to keep me in tow. <grin>

D:    Then the next thing we would want to know is "when".

S:    How soon do you wish it?  The perfect time is...when it happens. When is YOUR perfect time?  You see, you are climbing something I believe we referred to as 'Jacob's Ladder'.  How many rungs do YOU feel needs to be on your ladder?  

Awakening and Your Mission
Ashtar (Lord Ashtar)
channeled through Debbie Wright of Sananda's Eagles

This is going to be a little bit different.  I’m going to teach a class and you’re the students.  Are you ready?  Good!  Things have advanced greatly, you realize.  Globally, I think is what you call it.  You see, many of you… and in this term I speak very generally… have had a sense of ‘urgency’.  Many of you have had a ‘feeling’ that you might not quite be able to put into words.  And many of you have felt a ‘heaviness’, perhaps even lost your temper?  But you see, that is because it is now the time.  The Awakening Process is done.  Those who have refused to awaken are not out of the picture.  They will be allowed to continue sleeping.  Some might even have a little bit of an awakening later on, however, their missions have been suspended.  Does this tell you anything?  You may continue with the work you are currently doing, and you may continue shaking these people if you wish, however, now is the time to shake those that have been saying they are here to awaken others.  Are you ready for the shaking?

Many of you have heard the term ‘ascension’, and some of you have been striving for this.  Now, how many of you in this room (or reading this) feel that you are ready for Ascension?  Please bear in mind, this is one of those questions you are not suppose to answer verbally.  We are bringing your ego into the forefront.  In order for Lightworkers to begin doing their job more proficiently, it is time to put the egos in check, and in order for you to do this, it is time to see where your egos have led you, yes?  There is not a person on this planet today that is ready for ascension… not ascension in its ‘perfection’.  I speak in the ‘perfected’ term, not the rising of the vibration as my brother Sananda speaks of.  I speak of the manner of ascension with which my brother accomplished in the physical.  

We have been here all along.  We have been here to give love, to give comfort, to give support.  We have been here to ‘cheat’ when we can, to give little tidbits of information, to make you laugh, to share with you some of the experiences that might possibly assist you in what you volunteered to come here to do.  You volunteered to come in with freewill choice.  You understand this?  You volunteered to do what seemed, at the time, to be a most easy of jobs.  You volunteered to come in to help rise the vibration of the peoples of this planet so the vibrations of this planet, herself, might then be raised.  You understand this?  You acknowledge this?  And you say that you do this.  I have not come this evening as a judge, I have come, more or less, as a ‘statistician’… to share with you how much more needs to be done.  There are many that say they are ready to leave, they’re tired, they feel defeated.  They feel that they have done their best and it’s time to move on.  Guess what?  They all get to stay.  How many of you feel that you have had your last contractual rearrangement, and that your contract time is almost complete?  I shall not answer that one for you yet.  I wish for your egos to mull that one over for awhile.  How many of you feel that you are doing exactly what need be done… following your mission or your contract?  I will not approach the answer to that one, yet, either.  We shall let your egos mull over that one for awhile, too, shall we?  

No matter what you feel you need to do, what you need MOST is to complete your Mission!  For all you need…EVERYTHING that you need… you have.  It’s right here [heart] inside each and every one of you.

There is not a one of you that calls yourself a Lightworker that’s here for YOURSELF!  Let me repeat this.  There is not a one of you that is here for yourself.  You have come here for the planet, you have come here for the peoples of the planet.  You are not here for personal gain, you are not here for personal recognition.  You are here to do a job.  You’re here to, hopefully, save the life of a planet… a Being that has desperately to cry out for SOMEONE to hear her!  Here’s another one of those wonderful questions.  When was the last time any of you talked to her, listened for her, told her that you love HER?  How many of you want to hear someone say, ‘I love you’?  Don’t you think that planet needs to HEAR that?   Don’t you think this planet needs to FEEL that?  Out of the 6-1/2 billion humanoid lifeforms that live upon this planet, she cannot hear ANY.  And she is to the point now where you will have to come together in large groups and scream as loudly as you can, ‘I LOVE YOU’, in order for her to hear you.  What happens to a being on this planet of polarity when they spend a lifetime not receiving love, not feeling love?  They go deeper and deeper inside themselves, do they not?  They feel alone, they feel scared.  This planet has not felt that love in over 150 of your years.  Do you realize this?  You shall have to forgive me… I get very passionate when I speak of this.  

  All we ask of you is to master your ego, domesticate it a bit, and do your Mission.  COME TOGETHER!  That is YOUR job.  

It’s called ‘dedication’, it’s called setting your sights to the job to be done… and the rest of it be damned.  For if you set your sights for the job to be done, ahhh… your soul sings that magical, mystical song that calls in all of the forces for you to have exactly what you need to have.  

Now it’s time to wake up to clarity, to know a little bit more about what it is that you are to be doing.  Do you understand?  If you cannot go forth and do the jobs, that’s fine, because some of you did nothing more than contract to help support those that do.  Do you understand?  Support financially, support emotionally, support mentally… whatever.  You will know.  For we have many of you for many jobs, and some of you manifest more easily than others.  And if that is your talent, then who do you think is supposed to benefit from that?  That is your job… to help those that ARE doing the grunt work.  And you can be highly thankful that you’re not one in the trenches, yes?  Search your heart, take it to the BEST ‘Father’… take it to God.  God will answer now.  


Lord Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ Ascended)
channeled through Debbie Wright of Sananda’s Eagles

Sananda:    Now, we can understand that you may not want to be in a group energy ‘constantly’ and you don’t have to be.  You can get together in a group energy for one hour a week and do tremendous work together.  We are speaking to you of ‘community’.  We are speaking to you of the type of energy that has brought around change not only in all of Creation but I can give you specific points in time in history of this planet where, if it were not for the group energetics, things wouldn’t have happened.  Do you honestly think that Abraham Lincoln came up with the Emancipation Proclamation all by himself?  Do you honestly think that Christopher Columbus decided to hop on four boats all by himself?  There are numerous times throughout the history of this planet that massive, excellent change came about because of ‘group Spirit’.  Oh, let’s talk about one of the most recent ones, shall we… what you refer to as the 1960’s. <grin>  So you talk about drugs and you talk about love.  There were little pockets of groups of people all across the planet that received information that things are too bad right now, we gotta change, even if it’s just among ourselves, we’ve got to change.  And they set the destiny for the entire planet by coming together in love.  And that’s all it was.  Yeah, sure, I will admit a lot of it was sexual love, but, oh, they knew how to have fun!  Society, as a whole, frowned on them, but they made their mark in history, and they stopped a war.  Well, the same thing is happening right now… and you’re one of those little ‘pockets’.  You want to make love, not war?  Well, we’re not saying for you to become a commune or anything like that, but there’s nothing wrong with those, either. <grin>  Y’know, I’ve walked around quite a bit, and I’ve gone to a few and had some fun. <grin>  But I’m telling on myself. <grin>  

        Let’s have a little enlightenment ceremony.  You each came with a ‘cause’, you each came for ‘love’, you each came for ‘healing’, you each came to experience ‘fear’, you each came to experience ‘pain’, and you each have asked to draw ‘strength’ from each other.  Does this sound familiar?  Now, when you have a group that has those combinations, you have…’flow’.  We have come in on numerous occasions and we have told you that, when we’re not in one of your bodies and we’re just kind of ‘out there’, flitting around doing our work, do we see you?  What do we see?

Guest:        Light

Sananda:    Ahhh… Now, when you’re at home, we see these little tiny lights, lost among billions of lights.  But, yet, when you come together, what have we told you happens to your light?

Group:    It gets brighter.

Sananda:    It’s a beacon.  And you’re sending forth a signal that says ‘we are here, we are together, we are love’.  So what happens?  We are attracted and we come, we experience, we connect, and we cheat. <laughing> Now, does this mean you stop being who you are here?  Not at all.  Does it mean that you have to make some sort of external adjustment to yourself to fit into this pattern?   No.  Does this mean that you have to adjust your schedule and your time, your emotions, your energy, or anything like that?  No.  What does it mean?  It means you come together and you blend your light.  It means you come together and you’re away from the need to pay bills, you’re away from the need to fix a vehicle, you’re away from the need of getting away from the normal chaos of your life.  You come together with a small group of people to ‘experience’ together, any experience that you can share ‘together’.  Now, why would you wish to share it together?  Because then you have ‘flow’.  Do you understand?  


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