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So I had my second salvia experience this weekend. It had been about 6 years since my first encounter with the substance and once again I am befuddled at what has happened.
Let me begin by saying that the first time I tried salvia I was no 'awake' so to speak. I was quite a close minded person 6 years ago and the experience really opened my eyes. It took me the better part of 2 years to fully understand what had happened when I first tried salvia, and I have come to the conclusion that I experienced a total loss of ego and partially merged with god/goddess consciousness or source energy. It was profound, to say the least.

So, this weekend, along with a couple very close, very like minded individuals, we decided to explore salvia. This being my second time around, I knew what to expect and went last because I wanted to see how my friends would react and hear what they had to tell me about their vision. Soon, it was my turn. The experience had several similiarities to my first trip, and profoundly new ones as well.

So, with the bowl of 17x in my lungs, as I exhaled I felt a strong pull upwards and to the left. With the research I have done, and what rang true to me, I assume that my consciousness was leaving the normal time/space matrix of this reality and venturing into the shaman's world. As I recall, the initial launch out of my body was quick and painless, but entering back into this reality was insanely horrific. My body/mind/energy was twisted and pulled in a machine like crank shaft and what I can only describe as a death. Half way through I got stuck in this 'machine' and my sitter unknowingly helped guide me through with words of encouragement and comfort.

Upon reentering my body and having my consciousness sort of 'catch up' I frantically tried to recall what had happened and explain my vision to said friends. Huge emphasis was placed on this machine, as it is the clearest part of my experience. Also, I remember a short visitation to my childhood with a cameo from my mother (Friends said I even spoke 'mommy' during my trip).

So, my quarrel is this: what happens when you use this plant? Is the visionary state completely constructed out of my subconscious or, as we discussed with the research we did after, constructed from the collective unconscious? Because, comparing my trip along with my friends' we find many similarities to countless encounters that strangers have posted on the net.
Also, we found ourselves wrestling with the idea that when salvia takes ahold of you, your body literally becomes an empty shell as your consciousness travels to the astral plane. This led us to the idea that salvia literally kills your ego for a short time and you are left with a pure, uninterrupted connection to your higher self. That said, can the salvia world possibly be a state of pure existence, with nothing to associate with? If thats confusing maybe its better stated as simply losing ego and being left with only a source connection?

I am also wrestling with the differences in my own life and the two separate occasions in which I used salvia. First, I was obviously far more 'asleep' than I am now. Thus, causing my experience to be full of new and inspiring things. (my first trip was insane, I lost any sense of self and found my consciousness creating the physical world around me, also a large pyramid structure that was flowing forth time/energy/life and I did not have the unsettling feeling like my 2nd trip). Now, being more aware of the true nature of reality, my second experience proved very uncomforting and like I said, much emphasis placed on the transition and my inability to just let it happen. I find myself wondering why, why have I come to awake this much and have a similar shamanic experience only to find that the first was more profound and eye opening and the second felt like dying (a necessary death I feel, though) Was this emphasis intentionally placed on the death (of ego?) to teach me to really just let go and be at peace with the universe? Or was it something else?

Please, if any of you have experimented with salvia (or dmt?) try to shed some light on this experience. I am baffled, now three days later, at what transpired.
That said, I am quite anxious to try this vision quest again but am reluctant because of the turmoil I will probably go through again. It's not so much fear, because it only lasts 5 mins and there are literally no side effects, I know this, yet I can not (or my ego can not) get past it because it was so intense.

Even if you have no experience with savlia, please chime in if anything struck you.
Thank you all in advance, L&L - DanBal

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He DanBal, thank you for sharing your interesting experience. I am not very experienced with Salvia. I smoked it once in a bong with a few friends and we just had an ultimative laugh (I was also "sleeping" back then). I never smoked it since then but as you reminded me of that I'm sure I will do it again soon :).

But as far as I understood your story and your interpretation i would agree with you (letting go......). Maybe your ego died and now you find yourself in a new self-awereness or situation and you have to get used to it.

I used to experiment with acid & mushrooms and all I can say is that such an intensive experience always stays with you for a few days, that's nothing to worry about. Just let it work it's magic. And it's logical that your first experience was more profound as you were sleeping like you said (and the second was nothing new as you have clearly done a good job waking up :)


Again, thank you for sharing. I never thought that Slavia can cause such strong experiences and I'm looking forward to an astral travel as I was never able to leave my physical body till now :)

Love & Light for you dear DanBal


thank you for reading gerd! there's just something so profound and amazing about what salvia does to the mind, or rather, what the mind does to salvia? lol


my friends all had similar out of body experiences. a female friend of mine went to a land with thousands of furry little creatures that were marching and chanting in unison, all while carrying her and intriguing her to stay and 'play' with them. she had a blast! 

her husband entered a void like place his first trip, and approached a wall that extended for infinity in both directions, upon entering the wall he said he was kind of swimming in it, not solid and not quite liquid.


we all experienced a sense of amnesia during and after, more so for my male friend. 


i must say, this plant is powerful beyond all comparison ( i too have experimented with lsd, psycolosybin, etc) and nothing even comes close to how REAL the experience is. i have decided to up my meditation routines in hopes for finding the answers provided by this experience, and once I gain a clearer understanding of what is actually happening, i will def venture to salvia land again!


thanks for your response!

All that the Mother Earth gives us, we can use to enrich ourselves. Dry Sparkling plant is fine, but keep in mind here , you must be in balance if you use it. People with anxiety attacks hallucinogenic plants must avoid at all times. But when you're in balance you can make great leaps in your consciousness ... and have fantastic experiences ...
A little secret, once you've experienced the feeling of letting go, then later on you can and will acheive with your breathing the same effect as using hallucinogens :)))
Great story DanBal Thank you !
i agree trudy, i just need to work on me a little more before i begin to dive into that realm again. the main message i took from the whole experience was to just let go and be at peace with the universe. it's kind of counter-intuitive to the things ive been teaching myself about the law of attraction and so forth, but it seems every time i try halucinogens, thats the message they have for me "just let it be" so im gonna let that soak in for ... o i dont know, a couple years =)
thanks trudy!

Important recipe : 8 X You inhale the heavenly  Breath deeply
the ninth time you let your breath pass through your chakra's in a very very  slow consciousness manner and be aware of the feeling it brings you ... most of the people describe it like a comfortable soft pillow they lay on knowing that they are save  and whole, divinity comes certainly  to mind ;)

Succes :))) dear friend XX

aww man i had the x30 stuff once, i really didnt like it to be honest and i havnt had it again since. I felt like i was falling off the floor!! ill just stick to weed thanks :)

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