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SaLuSa Responds to Allegations Against President Obama.

SaLuSa Responds to Allegations Against President Obama.

2011 June 28.
by Steve Beckow

This is very unusual. Russ Michael was also distressed to see the allegations that James Rinks put out against President Obama. (1) Russ has taken a number of steps to discover what the situation is.

Here he reports on writing Mike Quinsey and asking him to ask SaLuSa about the matter. Mike generally doesn’t ask SaLuSa questions so this is unusual, as far as I’m concerned. But on this occasion, SaLuSa did respond and his answer is that the Rinks charges are disinformation. Russ’s letter and Mike’s response are attached below.

The more general matter is this. The cabal wants President Obama emasculated. They are doing everything in their power to tear him down and defeat every plank of his legislative program. That’s too bad, because part of that is denying Americans the blessings of universal medicare. What a shame.

We as lightworkers can sometimes act at a level below consciousness on the premise that where there’s smoke there’s fire. All the criticism of President Obama must mean something, we conclude. But it does not.

In my opinion, Lightworkers are being manipulated and I oppose it. Yes, President Obama may have chosen an unwise course by going along with the “bin Laden is dead” subterfuge, but overall he represents the Light and is here, along with others, to lead us into the New Age. I personally am not joining the wave of criticism against the President, no matter who it comes from. In my opinion, it originates with the dark.

Some people have accused me of censoring the news thereby. Give me a break. Disinformation is not news. Disinformation destroys the credibility of news. I’m interested in the truth and the slanders against Obama are not that.

Last rant: Disinformation has never been more rampant than it is now. Fukushima stories are being churned out while the galactics say that they are containing the damage. Stories circulate that a nuclear bomb was used to destroy Japan while the galactics say that no nuclear bombs can be exploded (except some test bombs apparently) on the planet or in space.

(1) This site will not be posting disinformational articles or articles intended to create fear. (2) This site accepts as credible the testimony of sources like Matthew Ward, SaLuSa, the Arcturian Group, etc. They are an integral part of our informational process and are in fact the major contribution this site makes to contemporary discussion. If they do not seem credible to you, why read this site?

So to repeat: The allegations that President Obama tried to steal $400 billion and other charges made by James Rinks in the third part of his series entitled “Change is on the Horizon” are not accurate. Please do not allow them to make an impact on you.

Thanks to Russ for digging into this and Mike for asking SaLuSa.
Michael Quinsey wrote:

Hi Russ,

I have put out a mental request to SaLuSa, and asked the question for a response to the criticism of Obama. I have given below what I received.

Mike Quinsey.
SaLuSa says:

“If you find that you cannot trust a source of information, then set it aside and trust in those that you have faith in. Most messages of disinformation also include some truths, which makes them more difficult to understand.

“You have been informed from a number sources already that President Obama is the one chosen to lead you through the coming period.

“His work cannot fully commence until the restraints upon him are removed so bear in mind that he is under much pressure to follow the advice he is being given.

“You will see the real man and exalted soul that he is come to the fore when he is able to fully express himself as a Being of Light.”


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Matthew Ward on the Recent Allegations Against the President

2011 June 28
by Steve Beckow
Matthew Ward has also given his opinion on the Rinks’ video that alleges that the President stole $400 billion and committed other crimes. Matthew’s opinion is most welcome.

“Repeatedly I have described Obama’s highly-evolved soul status, spiritual and moral integrity, purpose and intention to help create a peaceful world, and both Hatonn and I have spoken about the powerful and relentless forces Obama has been up against all along.

“With the light intensity in this energy plane Earth has reached, people who are light-receptive know which information about him is the truth and which isn’t; people who have not responded to the light will believe the lies and won’t be convinced otherwise by any additional comments from either Hatonn or me.” (Matthew Ward through Suzy Ward to Russ Michael, June 28, 2011.

A lot of people have written and said they are flagging in supporting the President. Some have written and said that they don’t trust him a bit. But notice that neither the galactics as represented by SaLuSa and Hatonn nor the spirit side as represented by Matthew have retreated an inch from their support of the President.

They have at their command resources for knowing that are unavailable to us and I trust their opinion. So please realize that the dark are working as hard as they can to undo the President’s work and the greatest contribution we can make is to discount the fantastic rumors that are circulating, from people like Rinks.

If next week, you hear that the President presided at a Satanic ritual at the White House or consumed a baby’s blood, will you believe it? I heard you answer “no.” Good. I can relax on the matter.

I totally agree! I think many of us can "intuitively" feel that he is a man of good intentions like the rest of us. I watched a video here, and it was obvious when the facts ended and the fear mongering acusations started. He has been bass upstream this whole time.

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