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Salusa Jan 7,2011.

We see you at different stages of understanding and in preparation for the coming changes. Your approach has a lot to do with your personal beliefs and what it is you actually want to happen. Much of this results from your own programming, and even subconscious memories of past lives. What is going to make a difference and enable you to make an enlightened choice of which path to take, will depend if you have kept an open mind. It is certain that every soul alive today has at different times, been faced with the truth about Humanity and its divine destiny. Some will ignore it and follow their mindset that has become so strong, that there is little leeway if any to change. We are not suggesting that such an approach is wrong, because it is you who determine the pathway that you follow. However, it will become somewhat easier if you consider what is put to you. Allow for the fact that you might be in error where the truth is concerned, and when you find it placed before you it will be easier to integrate it into your beliefs.

One certainty is that all in time will come to understand that the God you all worship is one and the same. Names are meaningless and even ancient history has to be read with certain reservations, as it goes back to days when much was handed over only by word of mouth. You cannot therefore take everything as read today as after many years it carries inaccuracies, and not least of all because of the number of times it will have been translated. Discussion therefore becomes a necessary and healthy way to become discerning and able to adjust to the true message. We must mention the false gods that were on Earth some 5000 years ago as they were responsible for misleading Man into believing that those who thought different to you were your enemies, and should be killed. That belief stands true to today, yet on examination and in respect of the higher teachings received over many centuries, we believe it will be understood that the One God is Omnipotent and is absolute Love. Furthermore, it has no religious connection and given to all souls regardless. It is a point to reflect on, because if you desire to ascend there is no place in the higher dimensions for anything but Universal Love.

We have often told you that there is not much you need to do to ascend, and if you can simply find it in your heart to love all souls then everything else will fall into place. You are sparks of God and what indeed would you expect of yourselves as the sons and daughters of God. The Earth has carried you far and as duality comes to an end, you will shake off the last of the lower energies so that you become a radiant Being of Light. You are beginning to realise that much of what you have become to accept as real, is in fact of your own creation and is an illusion. Your civilisation has reached that point where it has little left to teach you about duality. However, for those who refuse to release themselves from the controlling ways of the old paradigm, there is due allowance made so that they may evolve as they have chosen. That is your privilege granted to you by the Prime Creator, and in accordance with the freewill also given to you.

There will soon come times when we will address all of the problems that you have created for yourselves, and we will lead you onwards to the final days of this cycle. It will be sometimes be hectic but our presence is your assurance that you will not be left “to stew in your own juice” as you are inclined to say. We are loving souls that give of ourselves with unlimited love, and wish we could fully convey to you the extent of the service we are here to give you. Meeting us will do a lot to remove any doubts you may have, and we are happy for you to judge us by our actions. Forget the ages old comic pictures of what aliens are supposed to be and look like, as we are in some instances every bit as human looking as you are. It is not as if we have never been seen by you previously, and various civilisations of our Federation have been contacting certain individuals for many years of your lifetime.

Already although only a few days have elapsed since the New Year started, you are hearing of various activities and not all necessarily exactly what you would like. As we have told you before, the dark Ones are also operating within the Law of Freewill, but the Light has reversed the balance and now leads the way home. The dark Ones do however have an obstinate desire to carry on even although they know it will bring their demise. There comes a point where they must allow the Light to take over as the dominant power, and with the help of our allies we are pushing hard to break their resistance. So you are due for some surprises that may possibly come without much advance notice. However, many of you who keep abreast of what is happening all around the world, are picking up the clues to what is about to happen.

Have no fear Dear Ones, have you not been told that victory is already yours. Just allow some time for it to manifest upon Earth and off you will go with a joyful step and happiness in your hearts. The best is clearly to come, and we have the answers to the financial collapse that hovers over you. Out of all the travails you have had or are to experience, will come the sweetness of success. So we ask that you stay cheerful and confident regardless of the outer happenings because the changes are upon you. Just be patient a little longer as you everything to gain, and in real terms very little to lose. The plan for you is immaculate and your destiny, and provides for all that is necessary to see you firmly step on the path to Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the Galactic Federation is a tremendous force for good, and we will not allow you to be taken advantage of any longer. There may be scuffles but we certainly will prevent any plans that may further damage Mother Earth, as she has lovingly carried you on her back for eons of time and like you she also has to move towards Ascension. As we have mentioned a number of times, such a Universal event is to happen on an enormously large scale. You would find it difficult to comprehend what it entails, and the great Beings that are holding the power to move a Universe into a higher dimension. The Central Sun powers the whole Universe and its energies are creating changes in all kinds of matter, so that Ascension is achieved according to the Creator’s Plan.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.


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Another great heart felt message!
Thats more like it, no more talking up Democrats shit.

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