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So lately I have been really into studying sacred geometry, before bed I'll stare at it and do a little meditation on it, sometimes dream about it...its fascinating... I am also very new to it. Does anyone Have any good information or anything they want to share on the subject??? I would love to hear thoughts about it!! :)

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I really love Sacred G, and fractals too. Sacred G, and the flower of life is the picture of the building blocks of all matter, showing us how the spheres go together to create form. Sacred G can be seen throughout nature, and i especially love natural crystals with the typically hexagonal shape, and other cool geometric shapes that they form too :)
This guy has many more videos on youtube, thats where i learned the most about sacred geometry, very informative videos... Also i have some Sacred Geometry designs uploaded in my photos section here on soe as well as some Sacred Geo products i've created that are available to buy. :)

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