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This is a time for bringing the many scattered pieces back, as that which was sent out, comes back. On one level this is the inbreath of God, calling back some on the solar winds to home. But for others, the opportunity is now for reclaiming the power which has been given away. Power has been a comodity in the past times on earth, and now the energy given away to others, will be returning to the owner. This is the true Jubilee when all the slaves go free. What you will feel coming back to you will be felt in your solar plexus and the ability to steer your own destiny.

The cloud is lifting that was like a murky film over your life similar to the chemtrails which will fade away as well. Steering by your intuition and heart center you will be guided by your own higher mind to move out of the old ways. Keep your mind free and your body will follow. The energy is with us all and the pendulum is swinging the way of freedom with responsibility and high intention for the good of all concerned. Magical happening are about to explode. Can you feel it?

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David........there are many kinds of meditation and I don't think there are any experts but only different approaches that work for different people. Some use drumming. The native people could put themselves in an altered state of mind in 15 minutes with drumming. Some do the very deep meditation where they escape all the senses and some do deep pondering. I used to play my guitar to engage part of my mind while the other part would be connecting to my higher self. I tend like you to have a busy mind. Never force anything but think of a river flowing towards a great cosmic sea. Allow the thoughts to flow up and out and allow them but never judge them as being in the way or bothersome. Relax and with practice the mind will bring up questions. Do not overthink what comes up and try to pick it apart and dissect it. Just observe the thoughts and have some humor. Ask before you begin to connect to your higher self and allow it to guide you.

Ask for your own truth to come up. Another one you could do is the walk back through your life in the scenes in your mind and look for your own patterns. This is not living in the past, its just discovering it and bringing healing to old parts that need healing. You can break these unwanted patterns left over from misunderstandinds by looking at the event with a new perspective. This is really important in learning to forgive and love yourself and move on. We get stuck in the past and can't get past these misconceptions, like the thought we aren't worth much. We have to find those times when others might have told us or made up feel not worthy. We are all totally worthy but parents use terms they picked up and transfer them to us and we go around for decades with this false concept. There is a wonderful website that assists on some of this

If you need further assistence don't hestitate to ask. I have been through this and it rids you of spiritual toxins you never realized you had and open the heart chakra.

Love and Light

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