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Live feed on UFO-conference going on right now on CNN!!!

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Dang.. only caught the last few minutes of it.. Hopefully it will be on Youtube so I can watch the whole thing.. So far looks like only CNN covered it.. Well I guess its a start..

WoW CNN covered this, also what is the disclosure thing by the end of may. Who said it and are they creditable?
If anyone know about a link to see the recording of this UFO-conference please post the link
Found a couple of Videos..

Thanks ;)
Here another video from the conference..

The time is here. The disclosures are happening on mainstream media. It's no longer soon. We are already there. I feel like a new born baby. Has anyone seen that story of electric bikes and mass production by a north american company. It's on CNN.Com.
You guys are all champions, how does it feel to be making history! Love to you all.
Hey guys.. Fox and freinds talked about Edger Mitchell and how we are not alone this morining.. Glenn Beck was on there (he is a reporter for Fox) and he said and I quote.. "it would be a large waste of space if we are alone" and then he went on to say " If they are going to contact us NOW IS THE TIME FOR THEM TO DO IT!!!!"

YA!! Go Glenn!!!
Wow!! Great vids!! Truly exciting!! Disclosure.. THIS YEAR!!!

Thanks Tony and Simone!!
The Mitchell story is being taken over by international press. It appeared, albeit abbreviated, on a Belgian newspaper website.

All it took was for someone to get the ball rolling.
WOW Thanks AMAZING at long last yes yes ....

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