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I was watching a past episode of Renovate My House and what happened is that instead of renovating a house, they went to a community and took a piece of land, and built a community centre for the mostly black community. The centre has every thing from a kids area, to a teens area, with all the amenities you could think of. There is an area where they have rows of computers, with internet and all. A large kitchen, basket ball court, several other games in the vicinity...I mean it has everything, in the real sence of the word.

What caught my attention however was what they presenter said in the last bit, that the centre would never pay for it's food ever again. That's when I thot, huh? so what else will these people ever need to buy, they have everything here. Whe food is provided aint that the complete package right there? My question that kept nagging at my brighter portion of the brain was, is this a model for Nesara??? If not, then what is? One observation though. To make it a complete Nesara package, they would have to bring the santient robots, sort of like you see in an episode of starwars. These would cook, and clean and keep the place secure. Then the community would be a trully eutopic community. Heaven on Earth. I wonder if this is being done on a larger scale as we speak.

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in jail u dont have to pay for your food....
Naa you don't erv, but you don't have your freedom either. You wouldn't compare the two.
who told u we are free ?
Ahhh, Joy killer, but I see your point. Well, bundle that freedom together with the robots and vwalla, you have a heaven.
we need a lill more then a nesara ... :)
self responsability is better...
way more powerfull it was the "black community" doing it by itself ... not a tv show ... thats only interests n bullsht ...
do u think the guys will care about that anything will be preserved like if from they own sweat?
i dont think so ...
so giving us the things is not the right aproach ... :)

"dont give him a fish... teach him fishing"

Love, Light & Cookies

( n im out for a awesome expresso if u wanna join bro )

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