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5/22/09 12:41:41 PM
Michkael Galactic Federation of Light

Greetings. We return again to speak on matters of Relationship Harmony.

Matters of Heart are the hardest things for many beings to conquer, and the least yet most important of these is trust. If you cannot trust your partner to be honest in their words, then it is a reflection of self. It is the honesty, or lack of honesty, within yourself that you are ultimately projecting upon them. If you are not honest within yourself, then you project energies toward the other person, drawing out dishonesty within themselves, even if they do not feel the actual need for dishonesty.

When one can be honest within oneself, then one can bring out honesty and truthfulness in those around them. It is a cause and effect, a natural law of the nature of all beings. Do you understand what we speak on?

When one cannot admit their own fears, faults, failures, and lack of self worth within themselves, how can one bring it out in another? When you doubt yourself, how can you teach others to do the opposite?

It is our wish that this change for ALL beings. That ALL may learn to have faith and trust within themselves, what you refer to as self-confidence and self-awareness. It is acceptable to have those emotions at times, but one must ACCEPT them for what they are, and ALLOW for them, before attempting to dismiss them.

Truth with your pair mate is harder to avoid, because they can see that which is within you, even when you cannot. Thusly, it is the intent for you to be able to see yourself through their eyes, in order to heal yourself from within. This lack of trust that all beings have within themselves on the lower planes must be overcome in order to move forward.

It is known that many relationships have faltered, not because of a true sense of dishonesty from the other partner, but ultimately because of lack of truth to oneself. If one can identify the truth within, even if that means accepting things about oneself, then one can make the internal changes that need to be made more fluently and easily, and it will resonate within on a higher frequency.

One must address the matters of the lower, before addressing the matters of the higher, as it is the way of things. One cannot fully address matters on the higher, when one is still trapped within the dis-ease within oneself.

This is not aimed specifically at you Jeremiah. This is a message for the masses.

If you cannot absorb the various parts of your personality, and allow for the removal of lesser parts, then you cannot move to even higher frequencies.

The blocks are necessary for survival on lower levels, but if one wants to move to higher frequencies, one must address that which they do not want to see in order to remove said blocks, and move forward.

You will have to address the issues related fully. Allow yourself to relive the experiences related to those blocks, and release the need to keep some hidden within self, denying oneself the opportunity to process and release. Once the process of acceptance and allowance is completed, then one can begin to “step around” the matters, and see them in a different perspective. We encourage you all to look of the silver linings in every situation in order to provide renewed perspective on the matters at hand.

To present this in a different manner, follow this example. If you are in a situation, or are reliving a situation, that has much negativity for you, look for what positive things came as a result of those interactions. If I had not had this one negative experience, then I would not have been in this right place at this right time for this other event to have occurred. Do you understand?

It is as you say and call it, “reassigning value” to negative interactions and objects within one’s life. Once one can “reassign” the new values to the situation, it will allow for a much more positive release of those blocks, and disassociates the negativity that was previously assigned.

Once those blocks are removed, one is freer to move up the ladder so to speak in frequency and plane of existence.

Being honest within yourself is the most important of the lessons we bring you today, however. As the lack of honesty and integrity, even on the smallest scale, will bring out those same aspects from others around you, from children to other adults. What one exhibits within self is what one brings out in the others in the sphere of influence. This is why you are drawn to the Masters. They exhibit a particular kind of energy that is positive and brings out the positive within yourself.
We wish for you to spread these words of Unconditional Love for Self, for many are in need of this guidance.

We wish you well, Jeremiah.

We love you all.

We conclude these matters for the time being, to allow for absorption of our message.


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