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Here is a link to a blog post i recently submitted elsewhere that might be of interest here. This is usually not a popular topic among the "evolved", but i feel that being aware of existential challenges is usually a good idea. I hope you find it helpful.

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I understand your point, but let me add:

Have you watched the David Willcock video where he talks about this guy who called himself Daniel describing the machine that's in the movie Contact being real where you can go in it and see the future, and that the people ruling this rock had one and they couldn't understand what they saw on it for the years leading up to 2012? During these years we're living in now, they saw images meshing together as if there were more than one timeline, which was different than what they always saw before, and they couldn't understand what they saw. It would make sense, since they've been so bad at getting what they wanted the past couple of years, they lost this last election in the US, and now they are losing all of their money. We finally got into a space of linear time that they didn't know what was going to happen so couldn't steer it in their direction.

The way I understand this information, if it is true, has to do with people's paths. It means to me that there are now many timelines you can choose to be on. You can choose a lighter or a darker path, as 3D is still duality, but all paths are real. They saw many paths on their machine. By fearing things, you align yourself with negativity that can mess up your ability to discern and it can align you with a less good path than you may otherwise have been on. This is why fearing a bad future is bad for you, you align yourself with a timeline that actually exists, by the effort you put into focusing on it. This is what it means for us to learn right now that we are creators, or what some call God/Goddesses. We create our timelines in this period, and it also means that all people's paths are right, because they all lead them down one timeline or another, they will experience what they expect to.

This is why this kind of video isn't popular amongst some, it puts fear in a person and if they believe it may happen, they will make it happen.

Just my 2 cents, feel free to take it or leave it.

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