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Has anyone ever tried swishing red wine a few times between their teeth? What was the result?

I've uploaded this video here as well as my facebook and youtube accounts. I wish to open the eyes of people around me about Chemtrails and Morgellons if I can. It's not right for us to be treated this way, it's very wrong and I'll do what it takes to raise the awareness -- even if I lose friends and am laughed at or ignored.

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i don't understand. i just repeated your procedure, but i don't know what i'm looking for.
Swish some very red wine between your teeth for at least a minute, spit it out in your sink or toilet and repeat a few times. Look at it very closely for "any" little bits of sting-like residue. Then, inspect your tongue closely, it becomes coated with this stuff.
A few months ago, I began having an awful itching. I itched ALL the time. It was constantly there and it felt like it was deep in my skin, and sometimes it felt like a stinging bite and cause me to jump. I figured it was something with my nervous system, because it seems to get worse with nerve stimulation. Then I had a huge shingles outbreak (which lives in the nervous system), and thought it all made sense and that it was just the shingles. Luckily, my boyfriend works for an awesome nutriceuticals company, and he got me on "Oleuropin" which is the bitter extract of the olive tree, said to cure shingles, among MANY other things by preventing the virus/ bacteria from duplicating so it just dies off. I am now wondering if this is actually what it is. If so, the olive leaf DEFINATELY is helping~ I haven't had an itch in a WEEK, and it took just a few days to notice a difference! It is such a relief~ I had forgotten what it felt like to not be itchy all the time. I have also been taking sea salt baths (1 lb of Alessi Sea Salt) with essential oils. Other symptoms I've had that are disappearing is an infection in the skin of my face, like a boil that lasted for a YEAR, rash that would appear on my forhead, temples, and cheeks that would itch and flake, and crawly sensations on my head. It has been miserable, and I am so GRATEFUL that I discovered this oleuropin~ it was truly a gift. The amazing thing is how I was guided to the correct treatment. I hope I can help other people!!!! Have you had these same symptoms? If not, do you have any? I don't seem to know anyone else who has had these issues. I never connected it to Morgellans because I didn't have the fibers come out of my skin. I don't have any red wine, but you can bet I am buying some!

Great article about what is helping battle Morgellans... all natural!
My boyfriend and I both did this tonight, and it did work. Ours were smaller and fewer (perhaps because of our all natural diet and nutrition), but there none the less.
ermmm hmmm, could you explain this to me plz. I see the wine moving, but what does it show/what does it mean? what are you saying are the effects on us? what are these?
What I have observed is that the globs move via fibers that extend out of them. The fibers are visable in the right light floating on the surface of the water. There is all kinds of info online~ do a search on morgellons wine test.

This is the time we all need to live in love and light!!

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