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We got the Recipe and the Manual , now all we have to find is Daniel …



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This story is hypothetical, and then again also not ... but where do we find Daniel, in our '' real '' world???
 Like they say "we are nothing but a grain if sand to the Universe", yet we might be a pebble to the Earth. lol Why is it that all the "real" aliens have said get used to living WiTh the EaRtH, and some have said get used to living in a tent with the Earth. Is there a reason for this urgency to change our lifestyle and quickly from those that can "see" the greater perspective? Why is it that people retreat to the Earth for healing? She will preserve her life, and if she is looking for you, like these rich thugs, when the changes begin, its by no means a compliment.

This is a must reed for people hunted by bad dreams and demons!!!


Why having nightmares ?? It’s illogical and un-natural ! In the conscious mode we try very hard to please ourselves and to have pleasant thoughts . Who would be crazy enough to have fantasies where people with knives would run after you ? Or falling of cliffs and tall buildings , etc. . Right , those are not Our thoughts , nor the product of Our conscience .

Do we need to dream to consolidate memories as some ‘scientists’ claim ? Obviously not since I never dream of my day math class , equations or something that I learned that day or week . The subject of our dreams have nothing to do with what we learned that day in school .

It is against Natural Selection and Evolution ( besides Common Sense ) to produce ( and survive ) species that lose conscience at least once a day for hours at a time and became vulnerable to the predators or elements . Going catatonic every day like we do is a sure recipe for extinction . Yet we , as an intelligent specie , survived and that in it self deserves an assay . Keep in mind that wild animals ( not our pets ) sleep differently than us but even that could be arranged by a Super Advanced Specie as part of the Art of War and enslavement in order to blend into the status quo and not attract our attention .

We are a chain of chemical reactions , molecules interacting , atoms moved around and reorganized according to our DNA . Well , since when atoms and molecules need to Sleep ?? Obviously they do not . Than Why do we need to sleep ?

The fact there are a handful of people who do not need to sleep is proof beyond the shadow of a doubt that , indeed , we don’t need to sleep . Even just one person with this ability is proof enough and the good reason for all of us to stay up to attention and take action.

Can you control your dreams ? Very , very hard . Go ahead , try it . Personally I am successful only early in the night but later when the deep sleep settles in I am lost and at the mercy of the Alien specie . From than on is like watching a movie where I participate against my will and act in this fantasy land like it would be the actual reality. No , those ‘dreams’ are not mine nor created by me … Should we say QED ?  


4) What can we do ?


Losing a third of our lives sleeping is an insult to us and it deserves maximum attention and action .


First thing that we can do is to demand from our politicians an immediate research into isolating the genes responsible for inducing sleep .


Secondly you need to learn how to fight dreaming , how to control it and how to Deny access to your brain to any thing else but your consciousness. I practice this every night until the chemicals generated by the sleep genes conquer my will power . Try it and be persistent to the point that you will became a nuisance to any Alien that may try to take over.

My technique is ‘blasting’ : the moment my dreams turn ugly I envision the shock wave of a powerful explosion , the Blast that vaporises and dissipates the characters , scenery or actions in the unpleasant dream .

It is very similar to Un-spinning the SuperFluid and therefore annihilating anything that can possible exist , even in a dream ( neurons and synapses are spinning SuperFluid as well ) .


Right , if you just realised that un-spinning the SuperFluid , SF , ( returning atoms , subparticles and energy back to quiescent SF ) represents the Ultimate and most Absolute weapon in the entire Universe , you start having a very good grasp of what we all are and how the Universe works : we rise from the quietness of the SuperFluid ( dark matter ) when spun by black-holes into subparticles/atoms and than we totally disappear back into the anonymity of the quiet , un-spun SF ( dark mater ) , when our subparticles slow down from spinning either naturally ( due to SuperFluid viscosity ) or due to the Ultimate weapon which un-spins subparticles .

Using this ‘blasting’ technique ( which un-spins SuperFluid/atoms/energy ) I has successful to literary vaporise and eliminate many bad dreams , from attacking lions and people with knives to even characters similar to Satan . It worked every time .

Further more you can ‘use’ the un-spinning principle by ‘wearing’ in your dream a special ‘mitten’ . The ‘mitten’ is covered in ultra small Corona Discharge micro rods that ‘hook’ any spinning micro-vortices and slows them down in an instant , dissipating their spin and therefore reducing that object to quiescent SuperFluid ( read the essay below , ‘ the Unifying Properties of Nature ‘ ) . All you need to do is gently caress the annoying dream subject with the ‘mitten’ and it will make it vanish instantaneously .

So far using this technique I managed to reduce involuntary ( slave time ) dreams and use the time spent in bed ( tied down by sleep inducing genes ) to more productive , conscious thoughts and even controlled half-dreaming . I am sure that I became a nuisance to our masters to the point they start avoiding my brain as their playground for the night . You can do it too .



Namasté SoE

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