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This article speaks of the 'Mirror 77' project. Now, I for one don't know what to believe. If it is genuine, it would fill in many blanks and explain quite a few things.


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That's just it, Steve.

The transcript would fit exceptionally well with pieced together information and innate knowledge collected on this site. The 'mirror', which sounds like a pre-modern PDA to me, would have recorded 'Jubal's' personal diary just as his civilization was descending into the age of Atlantis. This is also why I somewhat distrust the information, because these things wouldn't become important as world events until much later, so why write them down?

I would very much like to see the pictures and the original text.

Steve Atreides said:

From the translation of the writing provided, it sounds as if Jubal is speaking about his people's descent into the third density. He mentions innate powers that they used to have, and how other people glowed with light. Not sure who Adam actually is in relation to other true histories, but i think it would have been either during or long after the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.
simply amazing.... history repeats itself, but hopefully this time we will never go back to third density, much like they have done. i really wish the world knew all the secrets the govt held from us.
Simply facsinating holy shit is the word! you cant hide secret for verry long! somedays the world will know and these corrupt bastard who hide this fromhumanity will f***ing disapear like atlantis have disapear! this is called the law of attraction

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