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For me mankind seems a little unaware of what we truly are.  That would be the confluence of physical and spiritual energies.  We are both permanent and temporary.  We will all experience death, but we will never die as only the physical ceases.  When the physical ceases we will no longer be restricted by our physical body.  We will be infinitely more intelligent.  Nobody will have money, nobody with have an ethnic identity.  What would happen if people were aware that once out physical presence ceases that we will all be similar.  We do change over the lifetimes we have and maybe one day we will be able to get along with one another and instead of spending trillions on weapons we will spend trillions on helping ourselves build a better world.  We will understand that we are all different in physical form but similar when the physical passes.


I did have a near death experience and was given much information on the other side.  I created a website and would like to have some feedback on it's contents from the group.  this is a large web site that has multiple pages.


If you have the time and inclination to look it over and give me some feedback I would appreciate it.  Thanks

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