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Rafael Palacios interviews Henry Deacon

Location: The Barcelona Exopolitics Summit, 25 July 2009.

Rafael Palacios: Well, I am in the press area of the Exopolitics Conference, with a character. The man that you are watching now became famous because of an interview by Project Camelot, in which he didn’t show his face. Now, this is the first time. What’s your name, please?

Henry Deacon / Arthur Neumann: My name is Arthur Neumann, that’s a German last name. Neumann.

You worked for 30 years in the research area, in very secret area’s…

Research, manufacturing, logistics, pretty much every area of government and government contracting. But mostly government. I’ve held top secret Q-clearance for Lawrence Livermore labs, I’ve held secret clearances in aerospace and such, I’ve held top secret clearances with certain extensions up until around 2004, working with other agencies.

Can you say what is your specialty?

My specialty is very general, a wide spectrum of technologies. Technologies and also coordination, project management, program management. Not only with the Department of Defence, working with all the military forces, but also working with other countries’ military as well.

For instance, do you know anything about secret sonic weapons, electromagnetic weapons…

Yes, pulsed electronic weapons in general. I’ve known of their existence and the research that’s been done. I’ve been aware of the inside with the research of weapons since the middle of the 1970’s.

Can you tell us which kind of weapons they have developped and which are their uses?

There are so many weapons…there is a microwave bomb, the neutron bomb, particle beam acceleration type of bombs, particle beam weapons, many different projects along those lines…then sound weapons, using highly focussed directed sounds…

So, can you confirm us that this government has weapons to harass special people, critical people, in order to make them stressed and even create illness?

Oh, definitely, yes. Definitely there’s many different technologies that are being used constantly, even in the cities, and for specific targets as well.

These black helicopters that many researchers told us about that were hovering above their homes, can you confirm that they could be used in this area?

I don’t know who you mean, but they have been around for many years, black helicopters. Some of them are black helicopters and some of them LOOK LIKE helicopters, but they are not helicopters.

So, what are they?

They’re just…I don’t know the details on those helicopters, I just know that some of them are just, what do you call it, kind of cloaked to look like helicopters. But that was years ago, so I don’t know what has happened.

But what’s that, in fact?

Surveillance. And possibly some abduction type of work. Not by aliens [smiles].

So you, the scientist who worked in these classified programs, are you conscious of the people working with you, are you concious that you are working for the bad people? Or do you just do your job and you forget the use of this work that they are going to do?

There are good people working and there are bad people working inside. And there are people who have families that they want to take care of. So they are trapped in the job, because otherwise they have no job. It’s always a battle internally, for some people, whether to resign and have no job or to continue. There’s a lot of discussion about that. My intention from the very beginning, from when I was a child, has been to go inside, and then learn, and then move on. Go inside again, and learn and move on to another position in different places. So I’ve never been in one place. The maximum time I’ve worked for one place, was maybe at most three or four years. Four years. And then I moved to another job, but I didn’t apply for most of these jobs. I never applied or looked for the job, they just telephoned me at random, and find me.

an you describe for us the way it works, this mechanism of classifying? I mean, you work at Los Alamos or Livermore. Can you describe for the people who don’t know anything about how these laboratories work, the way they classify the special information?

How they decide what to classify?

No, I mean you are in the kitchen, in the livingroom with all the scientists. Do you know what the other ones know, or do you only know a couple of things. You know what I mean?

Yes. For many jobs it’s always compartments, because that’s what you focus on. So you have no need to know what’s happening somewhere else. You’re focussed in a certain area. But as time progressed, my compartments expanded with more compartments, until this last job that I had, there was no compartments at all that I was aware of. Because of the nature of the work, I was on a team where I had what we call customers. And the customers included NSA and the other three letter agencies, and four letter agencies from different countries. Plus other customers that don’t have any names. I don’t know them by name, I just meet with them. So no compartmentalization was necessary because of the work. I was volunteered [smiles] to work with a small team to filter the information between these different organizations.

Can you explain to us the goal of this project in particular?

The goal of that project in particular…it had multiple goals, but it was to try and find a way for these different groups to communicate and yet respect their privacy. Because they don’t want to openly share information between each other completely. But to find them a way, a mechanism for them to be able to communicate what they want to communicate in a safe manner.

A secure intranet?

That too, yes…but with filtering. So that means that I had to have access to all of the information. So, that just happened, you know.

I want to ask you about telecommunications. Everybody is worried about ‘Big Brother’…do these people know everything about us?

Oh, you can’t hide anything. Right now we’re having this interview…I’m pretty certain that everything is very well documented. It’s just a matter of whether they have an interest in it or not. So you don’t have any privacy…especially in the electronic era. Every transaction you do, every phone call, every hotel place you stay, every person you meet, it sounds like a song [laughs], they’ll be watching you. But it’s nothing to fear. This is the important thing, to stop being afraid of everything. Because that fear is… Today, what we need to focus on, is the opposite of fear, it is to look forward and be happy, about this ‘baby’ that I spoke of, that’s being born. And celebrate the change. And realise that there is pain involved in this change. And these black factions and such, these dark operations, they are very weak. They are very weak and powerless. Especially if you can understand that we are living in a galaxy full of worlds and people, people like you and me basically, that have gone through the same experience as the people here on Earth. The same experience, long ago, in this continuing thing. And they already know what is going to happen. But they are watching this change happen now. And they’re supporting it, and helping gently and quietly behind the scenes. And if you are aware of that, then you don’t have anything to be afraid of.

Why are you so sure of that?

Because I’ve met so many of these people.

Tell us, tell us.

’ve met these people even before I worked. And for other reasons which I’d rather not explain on video right now…because of where I come from, as well.

Where do you come from?

[Here is a snip in the interview, with a text saying “Neumann-Deacon asked me not to publish this segment of the interview, made before his statement at the”…here the text stops]

But can you tell us if the First Contact is close, as they say to a lot of people?

Well, the first contact which I think that’s planned, is not a real contact. The plan is a ficticious threat. But this ficticious threat…if you see UFO’s, and they’re mechanical or such, the highest probability is that – especially if they look like a threat, or an enemy – just realize that that’s only temporary, and they’re not from another place, another planet. They are a created enemy as part of a government operation.

So you confirm that the secret government has these tools…

They have the technology and tools, they’ve had it for a long time, but they…I mentioned the report from Iron Mountain, which many people say is just science fiction. It’s not science fiction, because that material, the same material was handed to me in a meeting in Tuscon, Arizona in the 1980’s.


Yes, directly, at a meeting, a government meeting that I went to. And it was a surprise to me, because I didn’t know what the nature of the meeting was. But we were flown to Tuscon, Arizona, and stayed at a hotel room [smiles], and then we got together and at the end of the first meeting they handed out the report from Iron Mountain. Not in book form, but in paper format. That’s when I first learned of the plans from the RAND Corporation, to…

You are the first person that I know, that confesses that the Iron Mountain report is real.

It is. I don’t have the paperwork anymore, but it was almost exactly the same thing as in the book that’s now in print again.

So for you the swine flu epidemia is just part of this plan.

I can’t say. Epidemics are natural things, there are natural epidemics of course. But in my opinion the swine flu is in this case…this is a dangerous thing to say, but it’s my opinion only…my preparation is to take vitamin D3 2000 IU (2000 International Units) every day, to 5000. The sun for certain reasons…the sun converts in your skin, when it hits your skin, into vitamin D3, but because of the nature of the sun now and other factors…that won’t work in this case. But for flu, any kind of flu, vitamin D3 will reduce your chances greatly of getting any kind of flu. So I recommand that as a supplement and for other reasons too, that have nothing to do with flu.

And the vaccin, do you recommand the people to…

I will not take the vaccin. And I told my family members not to, as well. I told them two years ago, three years ago, not to do this. On the Project Camelot site there’s some documentation I believe, from long ago, that I talked about the flu. And this is before anything came in the news, so I knew this in advance.

You know that the American people, they are telling there is some information and gossip saying that the government is going to make this obligatory for the people to take it.

Yes, this of course is the plan, to make it obligatory, with heavy penalties and fines. But I still won’t take it. I will not take the vaccin, especially if it’s forced. And I don’t take flu vaccins anyway.

Do you think that the secret government has already contact with other extraterrestrial beings, such as the Zeta Reticulans, reptilians, or this kind of stuff?

When people talk about the secret government, first of all I’d like to mention that the governments, when we talk about the level of the presidents, or the royal family or such, they don’t have access to this information or knowledge. As far as I know, and this is what my experience has been. They only can go through certain levels of security, and the rest is for touring [smiles]. For: “This is what we have”, and this and that. So they’re not aware of what’s happening ‘off world’. They have no communication with these people. So when you ask about the secret government, I need to know what you mean by ‘secret government’.

Who has the power? Kissinger? Rockefeller? Who? Who is in charge?

You have power, you’re in charge of running the interview [smiles]. So it’s different levels of power, and strength and power.

So you don’t believe this was centralized in three persons…

Hmm, what?

Do you believe this…there are some people who say that there are a couple of people, several people who have this power concentrated in…

Well, there are peope that…there are small groups that meet, that do have power. Including one that I mentioned in the Zürich Conference that I don’t want to mention again, a three letter agency that isn’t spoken about very much.

Dealing with satellites and so on, for instance?

Yes, but the thing is that ultimately they still…they have their limits as to what power they really have. They want power, and they’ve been trying to have power for a long time, but in the next few years they will completely lose all of their power. Very shortly.


Because of all the changes that are taking place and converging now.

What’s the role of human kind in all this story? This is something like governments and people here in the disclosure project in a higher level position…but we, the people, what can we do in this story?

The best thing people can do is very simple. If you have different belief systems, different religions, you need to open up your heart and realize that we’re all here together and respect each other’s beliefs as best as possible. Understand that we share a common anchestry God, just here but also our whole galaxy.

Galactic consciousness.

It’s the galaxy. Not the universe, but the galaxy. But right now we need to just focus on what happens here on the planet, and help each other, and stop fighting over ‘my God’ and ‘your God’, you know. It doesn’t make any difference.

But do you think that some pressure in the streets by the common people could be a pressure to the government in order to disclose the information?

If you want to do something, do it in a non-violent way. If you have anger, that will support the agenda’s of the people who are trying to have power over you. But again, this is a very temporary thing. All this fighting, and all this surpression, it’s temporary. And even if you don’t do anything outwardly, the changes will still take place. The birth of the new world…not the New World Order, like Bush! [smiles] But the new world will still happen very shortly. And you should feel this and be aware of this.

Two short questions, just to finish. First one: can you tell us secret technologies that make us free when the secret government falls?

Well, there are technologies of course, using the Casimir effect or zero point energy. That’s a definite. I pointed it out in Zürich, and this is not even classified information. It’s just…you need to know where to go, to see it. I’m talking about the government, it’s not even classified. And neither is gravity shielding, which is simular to anti-gravity, but it’s shielding: you take a material, put something above it, and it lessens the…it shields the gravitational force. This technology exists, and there are places where you can go, you can go to, Los Alamos National Labs dot gov, go to that website and then do a little search. Dig through their archives, their physics archives.

So we can have flying saucers in a short period of time?

Yes, you can have that. The thing is, that we need to balance this. All this technology, that is available, can become public. But we need to first work on the spiritual and the sociological problems.

But where are the plans, the maps to do it, these flying saucers. Do you think that it’s going to be released, such as open source software? Could be a linux way of creating flying saucers?

[smiles] Yes, it’s going to be released from many, many different sources. Just from people probably in here, in the Conference today. There are people that are working on this, as businesses, that are coming forward.


Yes, as their own new businesses.

Brian O'Leary, your friend, for instance is in this field, no?

Yes, he’s in this business. I don’t know what he’s doing with the machines or anything, but as far as zero point energy technology in it’s best form…I could describe it as: you could have just a small little box, that looks like this [moves fingers around an imaginary cubic little box of about 2 cm] and can direct the verging into electrical energy or whatever you want. And there’s no moving parts, no mechanical spinning magnets or anything like that. It’s so simple that it looks like magic. And you just do that, and you can power, with the correct wiring, …

What’s the key of the zero point energy? What’s the key to create it?

Well…how does it work? There are different approaches, but one of them is basically very small layering of materials, almost like a capacitor is manufactured. Small layers of material, and then we’re tapping the energy from that. But it’s a simple solid state type of technology that can be used.

That zero point energy has anything to do with orgone energy?

I don’t know anything about orgone energy. I mean, I’ve seen it, and I don’t have any experience with it.

Ok. The other question was about the Obama administration. Do you expect anything positive about these issues we are commenting on?

I’ve been up and down with my feelings about Obama. I don’t know…it’s really not Obama. I think that what happens with this world as a whole is really a natural, almost a natural event or a happening. It’s not a matter of whether someone makes a decision in the Office to release information, this is all happening very naturally.

We don’t need the government to release the information.

No, you don’t need the government to release the information.

I agree with you very much, we don’t have to ask for the government to do it.

And don’t expect the government to have any information to release to you. Because the governments, like I was talking about, the governments don’t have this information to release. So this information is already in the public domain. It’s just coming…it’s like flowers growing out of the soil, it’s blooming everywhere.

We have internet…just put the people in action.

And also, great inventions and things in the past have been discovered simultaneously in different places on the planet. How is this possible? It’s because it’s happening from a different dimension. This is how this information is released, it’s not released through governments.

The information is on the internet. Just for finishing the interview, do you think they are going to close the freedom on the internet? Can they do it?

Well, they can attempt to it, and they can’t shut it down, but…there may be a period of time where the internet may slow down a lot, but then, we’re talking about: who are THEY? [smiles] You know…the internet was originally structured so that you can NOT shut it down. So, it may slow down, that’s all. Slow down to a crawl. And so, think about alternative ways of communication. A new form of communication will come in a few years, where you won’t need the internet anymore anyway.

Which one? Telepathy.

Something like that [smiles]. And people will just…it will be a natural thing too.

Heart communication.

Yes. And that’s what’s happening at the conferences. People will experience it.

Ok. Thank you so much. For the information, for your bravery.

Just turn off your television. Turn off your television.

Ok, I will do it.

Rafa Palacios.



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I visit quite often the RAFAPAL' web site.......:)

He add very interesting articles sometimes......but some times is very confussed.

Did you heard about the Exopolitic reunion conflict in Barcelona a few days ago?

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