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Did you experience radical change within your lives as you noticed your were ascending? I hope to hear I'm not the only one seriously shakened arround here. I mean 180 degrees change!

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Can you be more specifc about what kind of changes? Personal physical changes or changes in surroundings? If you can give us more detail, I'm sure we can share similar experiences.
I can relate more than I care to discuss. For starters, I have stopped smoking, drinking coffee, drinking soda and drinking alcohol. I ate salad for lunch the past 7 work days, except today, I drank TEA! I am about to quit my job, I've stopped listening to the radio on the way to work and now listen to iso-tones. I watch tv now maybe 2-3 times a week becuase it leaves me feeling negative. And yesterday I felt 'warm and fuzzy' for about 4 hours, becuase I had a funny 5 minute conversation with a complete stranger. I am not usually a warm and fuzzy kind of person, nor a salad eater. Well, the beard makes me fuzzy.. and well, warm, but thats not what I meant. So yea, radical bout sums it up for me.
Hmm... radical changes, let's see...

Giving up unhealthy food and generally eating less, check.
Working out and going to the gym, where before you couldn't pry me off the couch with a crowbar, check.
Leaving a well paid and comfortable job because I felt it needed to be done, check.
Leaving the country of my birth and my family behind for an uncertain future abroad, to live with almost perfect strangers because somehow it felt right, check.
Giving up my plans for a big house, a fat bank account, fast cars and associated signs of opulence for a life of frugality and complete detachment from the financial system, check.
Giving up TV and online games for music and painting, check.

On a rational level, all these changes would have made absolutely no sense to me two years ago. Indeed, had you told me I'd be living this way and /be happy/ at that time, I'd have declared you quite mad indeed.

180 degrees change, on both the horizontal as the vertical plane. But somehow it feels right, and few are the moments where I look back to how it used to be...
I think most of us who have taken this path have changed for the better. Like others who have posted here, I rarely watch tv and haven't listened to the news in about two years. I don't drink water with fluoride or carbonated drinks. I try to eat organic when possible and I mediate daily.

My direction and focus has completely changed and I have never felt happier, although I have absolutely no family or friends who shares my views. I can't discuss any of my views with coworkers and it's hard to feel like you have to hold in a secret that you want to share with the world.

I am considering leaving my job, because it has absolutely no positive effect on the world around me.

Yes, we're all changing but in a "butterfly" way.
For me definitely i have lots of changes but some i am afraid been bit negative even though i feel on my side kinda positive.

I got redundant in July in some strange way. I went back home in africa and came back to work, same week on friday without any clue i was told i dont have a job anymore, But i have never been happier. Working on freelancing and in theatre right now with a very happy surroundings.
My awareness of everything around me has increased a lot, I watch everything and give gratitude everyday.

Now but for some reason i have been religious all my life(muslim) and never ever drunk but i have started drinking not too much but if someone is having a party and also i have started smoking and dont feel guilty at all. Its been very very strange for me.

Sometimes i just ask whats going on.

Love light and laughter to you all.

I totally know what you mean I quit drinking and smoking recently and Ive been more concerned with eating my vitamins, I try not to watch tv too much anymore or play video games. And i spend a lot more time looking at the stars
Thinking about it, yes, I have changed quite a lot

I used to be complete TV addict, especially reality TV shows..but lately, they dont hold any interest for me..and if it wasn't for my husband and daughter, I dont think I'd ever switch the TV on again
I've gone off of coffee and have started making all my own food, as opposed to buying ready made,
Also, I've gone from being a semi invalid and practical hermit, to wanting to be outside all the time, yesterday , I walked miles, and didnt feel out of breath or tired or anything other than peaceful..

I used to have a million weird and wonderful phobias,,,and suddenly they have all gone..I dont feel afraid of anything anymore..:)

Much love

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