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Hey everyone. I just quit cigarettes three days ago. I wanted to share the experience.

The third day has always been one of the toughest for me. I have quit before, and have stayed off smoking for years. For some reason the third day is a doozy, and then I get hit again about the second week.

My heart is flying in my chest, and my anxiety levels are sky high. Sleeping has been tough, and broken. Sometimes my house feels too small and I have to get out of it for hours.

Combined with other stresses, it has been an asskicker. Sorry for profanity, but its true. I feel like I am going crazy. Well, moments of craziness, that's for sure. I come around for a bit then go crazy for a bit.

We all have vices to kick, and sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail and fall on our butt. But we have to at least try.

I was at an early Thanksgiving party last night. Everyone around me was smoking cigarettes. I didn't smoke a single one. Not a single one in three days. I stayed strong. i was in a great mood all night, as there was laughter and joy. The insanity didn't kick in until I was alone, with my thoughts.

I am hoping by writing this I can catharticly release some of this anxiety and stress. I know I have the strength to do it. I am not using a patch or prescription or nicorette or anything. Just quit cold turkey. Every time I quit, I managed to do it cold turkey.

I have to go back to my night job tonight. It gets very boring there. It is hard not to smoke when very bored. In fact, that is how I started up again.

Not to sound selfish, but please send your energy this way. I need the extra strength. :)

Thanks everyone, and I send you my strength for your changes as well.

Peace and love :)


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Hi, I will definitely send some energy to you as I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago myself and remember how hard it was, good on you for doing so well x
Glad to see we don't have to carry you around in a bucket :) way to go!!!

Pleiadian Agenda said:
13 days! I didn't explode or melt or anything as such ;)
PA I'm really happy for you. So what have you done that's made it easier for you. I'd like to hear what's been happening with it. Like when you get a craving, or a stressful moment comes up. I'm working myself up to stop smoking soon. Even that is difficult it seems. I've been smoking for over 30 years now... ugh, since I was a child.

namaste :)

Pleiadian Agenda said:
19 days!!!!!!!!! ) I want to thank you all again for your support and positive energy.

PA, love and energy to you .. :) .. I also smoke a lot ... I didn't think of quitting before reading this thread ... But now i think ill give it a try .... i hope i don't quit it and start all over again as always ( i have quit smoking almost 10 times now lol ) .. tel me .. are there any specific iso tones you are using for this... ? .. as always, peace, love and light ...
.. Abhimanyu ..

Pleiadian Agenda said:
iso-tones. Those frequency meditations they make have really helped to take the edge off. Plus i have had to stay away from certain scenarios, like parties or friends who smoke alot. But that is getting easier to get around again, little by little.

Another thing: just being part of this group had helped alot. Good energy here, lots of research to do here, and I never smoked in the house, so I am in front of the computer now (addicted to SOE instead of cigarettes, lol)

Thanks Dana

Thank you PA .. ill give those a try tonight ... :) peace, love and light ...

Pleiadian Agenda said:
Ahbi, I have been using that iso-tones magic.mp3 that i sent you the link to download a few days ago. That one has been helping me out with alot of things.

Simone thanks for your support, sweetie :)

Pierre, I already do ;)

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