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I have a question about the galactic federation , I dont pay to much attention to them  just cause i dont know if they really even exist, and all the stuff ive read on them were channeled by other people  , and i havent really payed any attention to them since the ocober 14th hype.  

Is theirs any credible sources that can explain anything about them thats not just a channeled transcript. 

Im aware that the possibility of channeling is indeed possible i just cant be sure on the intent of the alleged channeler. 

But with all the disinformation thats around i find it hard to accept anything as truth unless i have come to understand the facts.

I know E.Ts exist but I dont think they would openly  interfere with our civilization until we evolved and handled are issues with our planet as a whole. 

I apologize for sounding like  a skeptic or rude. i try my best to keep an open mind on this subject but it just sounds like people are waiting for E.Ts to save us and that just seems like it would take the learning experience away from are evolution progress regardless of their intention.

Feel free to correct me on this. Its just the impression ive got from the few channeled transcripts i have read.


Thanks for reading!

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Yeah i always take channelings with a big pile of salt, im not really sure what to think of them personally. I know there is something to them as i know someone who does it (though ive not actually seen her do it) but I try not to look to much into them. But i have learnt from channelings too, like general live in piece, dont pass jugdement on others and share and stuff. it seems like basic stuff but i really have made possitve changes to the way i live, and this influance came to me through channelings that i read.

As for E.ts interfereing, i do belive they do want us as a planet to sort our sh!t out ourselves! like you said, if we dont do it for ourselves, we wont learn as a whole. so dont hold your breath for them showing up on mass just yet :)  Though i do belive they are watching and keeping a close eye, and they wont let us come to harm. i think that if the mass population or the planet were put in danger they would step in, but i doupt it will ever come to that. Though apparently they have helped in the past, things like cleaning up after nuclear weapon testing, not sure what else :P

Hope this help, and you can post anything you like here :)

You seem like you have a good frame of mind about it; open minded but skeptic at the same time. Me too. If they are real, and concerned for us, then they should understand and be sympathetic toward our hesitancy to trust after all we've been through and they shouldn't mind the questions and doubts.  I think that they are only intervening because many of us have asked for help because the elite of this planet have kept truths from us and harmed us and created too many obstacles for our evolution.  I think they only disclose themselves on a limited basis at this time and won't fully reveal themselves to everyone until we are ready...  They have to start somewhere, so they start on an individual level with channels who are open to receiving communication.  When more people accept the possibility of their existence, they will reveal more I think.  Some channels are probably false, and some channels are clearer than others, sometimes the channels' personalities affects how the information comes through, and not all species are alike so they transmit different information. I guess the best way to check out what is going on and to find out if the channelling is true or not is to ask for them to talk to you yourself.  I think if I was traveling to another planet and was technologically advanced, I would want to make contact too.  And if I saw that the people were being harmed and lied to, I would want to intervene and help if I could. I think the "prime directive" is only for species that are not getting interfered with.  We have an unfair disadvantage because we've been messed with.

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