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I have a feeling the stock markets are plummeting so fast that even the ardent believers in turn arounds is finally given up on the markets. I also have this feeling that Mark H is not just vacationning, but must be with the team that closes down all the stock markets around the world. Think of him watching St. Germain pull the plug. What a feeling that will be. Any who, all light workers who have invested in the markets, pull out your money NOW!!

As a by the way, who knows where the dow is as we speak?

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Naaaa, doesn't give minute to minute info. Just gives me the details for last Friday. Thanks anyway bro.
Dow Jones, today (02/03/09) at 16:07 GMT, two hours and seven minutes after opening of the market:

6896.07 which is -166.86 and 2.36%

Biggest loser so far: Bank of America at a record low of 3.44 per share

The Dow has thus plunged below the 7k point barrier, which is significant only in that it was projected it would never happen again.

My advice mirrors that of Kihanyaking: get out now if for some odd reason you were still in. The bottom is dropping out, and from here on it's anyone's guess where it'll end up.
im gonna stock up more food...
I just checked MSN. Dow is at 6820.56 at this moment!
crashing and burning, crashing and burning!
I hope my dept get wiped out!
the stock market is a cassino a lotery ?
At 3:33 pm MST Dow was still dropping. It was listed as 6763.29. I wonder how far it will drop before anything happens.
The Dow closed at 6763.29 -299.84 points or -4.24% and is expected to get worst.
Around the world was almost the same, mayor sock exchanges in asia were dow 3 to 4 %, in Europe anywhere from -3.48% to -5.33 % and I'm just talking about the biggest stock indexes.
Looks like Ulan is on to something, if you still have some money in any stock market around the world, move to savings, gold or take it home.
However, if you do short sale and you know what you are doing you can get some money out of this mess, but only if you really know what you are doing.

So, How long can we can keep on going this way?
What else have to happen before the world wake up and realize the system is not working?
In the technical side of the stock markets, there is no "technical" reason why is so low and keep gong down but that is when we realize that the stock market is not just a financial thermometer but also an emotional indicator.

How far down can we go? some people say either intervention or revolution maybe the answer.
But whose intervention and/or whose revolution?
This is mostly a game of psychology now. The indexes are at their lowest since 1997, which was recognised as a year of financial disaster. That this happened less than a year after unbridled optimism, that it hit every market and every index that hard without little to no 'public' forewarning is a sign of exactly how well orchestrated this crisis is.

Today the Japanese have admitted that 'as long as foreign markets keep dropping, there is nothing we can do to stop our own economy from falling, no matter how hard we try'. This is coming from a nation that nearly went bankrupt in the late 90's crisis, and was only now starting to recover. They're looking at even worse times now, and quite frankly so is every other market. The network of interdependency is by now so strong that as long as one market keeps dropping, so will the others. Psychology, after all, demands that a greater percentage of investors believe strongly in a recovery for it to be so, and with negative signs coming from all other markets that is not likely to happen soon. Time lag is the critical factor here: the Asian indexes fall as they open, which is five to six hours after the last American indexes close. Inevitably, they lower as the foreign market did, which is then mirrored by Russian, European and lastly American indexes, in a game of financial dominoes. By the time the Asian indexes open again the next day, we've come full circle.

How to break free of this downward spiral? I don't know. After all, I'm merely an observer, and I watch, interpret and comment on for those who wish to hear it. As for what to do about it, I know sod all of economic theory, so don't look at me for answers ;)

Ironically, knowing little to nothing of economic theory is probably why we can all see the truth behind these figures so clearly; none of us are bogged down to corporate projections or standard models of trading.

In this climate, I strongly suggest against short selling for two distinct reasons:

1) You run the risk of losing your livelihood in a single mistimed transaction,
2) You're making this crisis worse.

Lack of knowledge of economic theory aside, here is my prediction for the next phase: Consolidation. Large corporations, who have the ablative power to shed a lot of their value and still be viable, will begin to snatch up smaller businesses within their field of competition at piecemeal prices. After all, as many institutions have already claimed, the rules of competition are suspended for as long as this crisis lasts. Economic stability first, legal issues later.

I invite you all to join me on the sidelines, take a seat, lean back, and shout encouragements to the grand movers and shakers in government. May they continue with their ill conceived plans, may they continue to make a bad situation worse with bungling ideas and projects. High comedy, fun for the whole family...

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