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Winds of Change - P'taah.

April 2011 Message from P'taah

The winds of change are blowing through your universe. Well, you know in a way it is you who is the wind. And it is you who will be changed, coming forth from a desire of the heart to fulfill the potential called human. To fulfill the new paradigm to be that you have created, thousands and thousands of years ago.

You are absolutely in every Now a Perfect and Eternal Expression, Extension, of the Mind of Creation. That is the truth of it. And all have said at sometime during this journey that you are upon, "If I create it all, why, why would I have created the forgetting?" And of course as I've always said to you, you created it simply for the experience of it.

You are grand and very, very powerful spiritual entities come forth to play this astounding game called 'Humans being in this 3rd dimensional reality.' You choose everything. You choose your birth, you choose your families, you choose the master game plan of your life. You have chosen this one, and really all of the lifetimes. You have come forth simply for the emotional intensity of being human. The emotional intensity of this adventure and now the time is coming for you to remember.

What joy, hmmm and what an adventure it will be. You have forgotten these grand truths about yourself because you emotionally are still attached to the old beliefs that you are powerless, that you are unworthy, that you live in a hostile world and that loves equals pain. The kind of belief that is almost superstitious, established from your early childhood patterns of behavior, routines. Almost a warding off of evil that requires you to be in certain patterns in your life.

And what has become quite terrifying for many peoples is that the patterning has become disturbed. They probably can rely on nothing, unlike your forbearers where in your other lifetimes and the lifetimes of your parents and grandparents, you would birth yourself into a situation and you could almost know how your life would be expected to be and how your life would be expected to turn out, although of course there were certain variances in this expectation owing to circumstances.

However now is the time everything, anything is subject to change without notice. No longer is your employment to be relied upon, no longer are your weather patterns to be relied upon, and as more and more of you step into your power, suddenly even your best friends are not so reliable as once they were. Do you understand that?

Relationships which once you could have relied on, you can no longer. You can only live in the Now and the only thing that you can really rely on is the fact that you are a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation and you may create your reality exactly as you desire it to be.

So here we are. On one hand you can rely on nothing, on the other hand you do not need to trust or to rely on anything because you know, or you are learning, that you may have all that you desire, whatever is your whim. And you know that there is absolutely nothing that you would create for your life which is unfit for you to know more about who you are and to know more about love and to know why are you really here, especially why are you here in this time-lock.

Of course you are here to meet more of your family. You are here to have an intimate heart experience. You are here to have lots of fun and laughter. You are here to learn to open your heart, to say, "Here I am." You are here to know how to heal the wounded heart and thusly how to heal the physicality.

We ask that whatever you are doing in these days to come that you would pay attention to your emotions, those feelings of annoyance, frustration, anger, even feelings of joy. Pay attention because really you are setting forth on this adventure simply for the emotional intensity of the experience.

You see, what keeps you in prison, what keeps you stuck, what keeps you unable to be in freedom, is your inability to allow the integrity of your own feelings. Whatever you feel is valid. The more and more that you can put into practice that which we have given forth so many times -- the embracement of the fear, the embracement of pain -- the more you can allow yourself to come beyond that limitation of fear and pain and simply be who you truly are.

And, beloved ones, face the frightened child who lives within you. Look at what keeps you stuck, what keeps you from allowing the elegance and grace of moving forward and playing with the winds of change. To allow yourself to sail forth, it is necessary to pay attention and to look at those old belief structures that keep you in prison. Does this make sense to you?

So, my beloved ones, go forth and have lots of fun. Allow yourselves to sail on the winds of change. We love you grandly.


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This was a lovely message.  I had just watched the Delores Cannon interview, then clicked on P'taahs message, this confirmed Delores message.  Wonderful stuff, reminds us of the joy instead of the fear.

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