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Project Camelot was a genuine US Army project in 1964. Wikipedia gives a reasonably accurate, short description:

“Project Camelot was a social science research project of the United States Army in 1964. The goal of the project was to assess the causes of violent social rebellion and to identify the actions a government could take to prevent its own overthrow.”


If you can’t hit this one out of the ball park, you had better hang it up.

What if one modus operandi of the MATRIX control structure is to identify sore, social and political pressure points that are concerning growing numbers of people (UFOs, Black Ops, Black Budget, financial corruption, alternative energy, government cover-ups, the secret space program, etc.), and then establish Project Camelot-style operations (the U.S. military’s term) in the ‘alternative media’ to try to relieve that pressure by trotting out an endless succession of fake or tired “whistle blowers” – many of whom (most?) somehow will never manage to concretely, objectively, CONCLUSIVELY prove ANYTHING of much consequence, while simultaneously blowing a lot of hot air, ego, and disinformation smoke all over the place, thereby vicariously occupying the minds and time of large numbers of otherwise potentially politically active people with endless mystification, petty dramas, spectacular and inevitably unverifiable allegations, shadowy personages of uncertain identity, and so on, ad nauseam.

Among the key giveaways of such operations and operators is their ‘overnight’ sudden appearance and full-blown ‘presence’. First, the slick, well-funded website appears followed by the inevitable internet radio ‘truth’ program…of which there are countless hundreds now. Sometimes ‘conferences’ and seminars are organized usually staffed with the same old familiar information (and disinformation) merchants.

There are different tactics for quickly establishing a ‘name’ in such operations. The easiest technique is to spew out a string of relatively solid and sometimes new information to draw interest, establish some ‘buzz’ and credibility. Another method is to attack some of the established names in the alternative field, accusing them of being ‘agents provocateurs’, and baiting them into defending themselves, thereby wasting their time and energy. Yet another way is to accumulate a string of ‘names’ as writers and radio guests to add to the appearance of credibility. And there are other tactics, but ultimately, these operations give themselves away by gradually shifting away from covering provable fact and misdirecting people to nebulous areas of speculation, fantastic wild claims, and unfounded, fictional topics.

For those who still don’t get it:

Tea kettles don’t explode because they have a whistle on them that blows off steam when the temperature of the water rises. Got it? So the alphabet soup agencies put “social control valves” of various kinds on the societal tea kettle (think of the U.S. Army’s 1964 ‘Project Camelot’ study) so that when society begins to get upset at the rampant, malignant corruption in government, the societal tea kettle simply blows off steam through the “whistle” thingy instead of exploding in social unrest and a popular uprising.

So, the “whistle blower” gambit may deflect people’s attention from more serious matters by rendering people into passive observers of dramas that others stage for them to observe, as opposed to concretely, personally organizing their own direct social activity in policy areas that concern them. That is what, of course, the alphabet soup agencies absolutely do not want, because then people are no longer their passive, unquestioningly obedient, ignorant, compliant, dumbed-down, 1040 revenue-producing slave units.

Think creatively, and act courageously and nonviolently (because violence just feeds the MATRIX social control monster, see?). Enough fake, pretend “whistle blowing” by transparent, wannabe poseurs. Aren’t there any real American adults anymore?
Update : Project Camelot Morphs Overnight Into ‘Project Camelot’ ;-)

Well, well. We simply had no idea.

After posting our Project Camelot story yesterday, within mere hours — yes, mere hours! — the Project Camelot entry at Wikipedia morphed before our very eyes from this (please see the Wikipedia cache here: &fr=yfp-t-701& +camelot+u.s.+army&d=FreSaxlMTV7o&icp=1&.intl=us>http:// 701& u.s.+army&d=FreSaxlMTV7o&icp=1&.intl=us

into this:

It’s now a two-fer, with a project bearing the very same name pancaked on top of the U.S. Army Project Camelot entry!

Who knew? Someone very quickly changed the Wikipedia Project Camelot page virtually overnight! Isn’t that way cool how Wikipedia can alter articles during the night while you’re sleeping? To think that Wikipedia might, well, it’s… how can we put it? — “unexpected,” yes, that’s the word.

In any event, we note that the “new” Project Camelot is very comfortably piggy-backed above the original U.S. Army “Project Camelot” entry. And we are puzzled — if the “new” Project Camelot” is not the U.S. Army Project Camelot (as it maintains that it is not) — then why, pray tell, has it so conspicuously and insistently pitched its tent on the U.S. Army’s “Project Camelot” Wiki page? Why doesn’t it make its own, dedicated page instead of installing itself on the U.S. Army’s Project Camelot page?

Is it so that when people go looking for the original U.S. Army Project Camelot they find the “new” Project Camelot instead? Curiouser and curiouser.

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t help but notice that the “new” Project Camelot concludes it’s perfunctory remarks with these words:

“Camelot does not provide proof…they rather share information for the individual to discern, the preservation of free will is of utmost importance and to provide indisputable evidence would undermine the project.”

Got that? — “to provide indisputable evidence would undermine the project.”

Oh, and why not mirror the cached U.S. Army “Project Camelot” Wiki page (see cached URL above), as well as the “updated” Project Camelot entry while both are available? Evidently things change literally overnight in Wiki-world.

Original link:

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This is the pay back to the interview of camelot to Dr Greer. this what happens when you disturb the company
the company it's a big machine of lies .is like the KGB between the two is no difference

protect Camelot is a honest people to me .

Dr.Greer is a good person but his top gov. witnesses did not follow him no more .
Perhaps they are intimidated by him
hhm i heard of this not to long ago and i dont know if this is true other than they admited (poeple of project camelot) that there was a black project name like this but they stated clearly why they chose this name and it wasn't because of any government involvement or black project agenda. I think there has to honest people even if there was such a black project. We cant take conclusions just because wikipidia changed from one day to another, plus isn't wikipidia pend to who ever wants to write something even opinions? Ho and about dr, greer yeah it was a mistake from project camelot but one has to accept one's decisions specially in this type fo field, were information is beeing new and maybe uncertain to some... so project camelot and greer should have said ok i accept your ideas/thoughts ....insted of looking like little children fighting over something stupid.

The C.I.A etc are idiots with big guns, the writer gives them too much credit. I've made up my own mind about Project Camelot, they are genuine and exciting and I look forward to their next interview.
you never know what is good or bad in this world.
but i feel kerry & bill to be good, I look forward to every interview they do.
i dont believe all the information they publish, but if one or two are true then we have been given some vital information we generally would never hear about.
this is bs personally ive watched every camelot video there is and you just cant fake that kind of energy or dedication to a cause.....if you actually do research on what some of the things these people are saying youd find out for yourself the kind of intellect thats backing them up.....look forward to thier next interview...
I agree with almost everybody, PC has genuine good intentions. Look into your hearts guys, not in wikipedia. The last interview with Maxwell showed a very well informed Kerry. Furthermore, I trust David Wilcock's energy lecture of people, he wouldn't be there with PC if he felt the intentions were wrong.

Again, you can only trust your heart, but first you have to get rid of the distorsion in your energy field caused by fear and negative energy.

Love can only prevail.

I too agree with everyone here that PC is genuine. I admire Bill and Kerry for their courageous work, determination and their continuous search for the truth.

Yeah i never said i agree with this post as i tend to rather listen to the message and feel the energy coming from the speakers. I do believe they have interviewed disinformation agents before, although the majority of the information that comes out of most interviews is good depending on who it is. We need to stay on our toes though is all.
I allways felt there was something not quite right about project camelot. Guess i was right.
Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Articles on there only have to be agreed upon, not true, and if a large number of people decide to go on there and say that they agree that elephants fly, then wiki will tell you that elephants fly. (I'm not saying that Project Camelot is or isn't anything, I'm just saying you can't really quote wikipedia, as its often wrong because many people believe commonly held beliefs are true, so they go on there and say they are without really knowing anything about it. That's also how articles appear quickly, anyone can write them).
I am kind of surprised to hear this attack on project camelot..On my personal view on the work project camelot has been doing has been very interesting especialy from those that they interview I especialy liked the Bob Dean iterview Their are some I dont feel very good about.I will keep in mind as to the wikipedeia before and a complete rewording of this project camelot definition.. I also know that when those who start getting to much attention from the general public they send in disinformationist to attempt to ruin their credibility I do believe the best one to decide what to beieve in is my own thoughts on the subject..

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