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Hello Dear Friends. I find problem with this software. I get email from friend named choshu yesterday about council but now friend is not on my list anymore so I cannot send email with answers. Please fix this. Much love to you.

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Hello Dear Friend Choshu. You are no longer member here and site my friend Tony said you are on is not for me. If you want answers about council please see group I made here called Universal Path. Much love to you.
Hello Dear Friend. I do not know how else for Choshu to see because I do not want to go to that other site that is that my friend Tony said she is on. If anyone have email for her I will let her know the answers she asked me about but I will not join other site not about spirituality like this one. Much love to you.

Balsac Tibaghar said:
fufu banned members cannot log back on, so choshu will most likely not see that message.

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