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President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic. BUT WHY?

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I agree that the declaration is designed to scare people, however I believe it is to scare people into taking the vaccine voluntarily out of panic rather than making an informed decision. PLEASE do some research outside of what the mainstream media feeds you before rushing out and getting a vaccine of any type especially for the Swine Flu!

Once the government has declared a state of emergency FEMA has the ability to step in to “manage” the emergency and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are side stepped (police state). “Declaring a disease a national emergency only means that Doctors won’t need a patient’s paper work to give them treatment” sounds warm and fuzzy when they say it Fox News. They began with the Patriot Act based on a false flag terrorist attack and have slowly been taking away our rights ever since. Now with the false flag flu pandemic they can use the declaration of a State of Emergency to announce martial law tomorrow if they wish and force you to inject poison into your body.

The only chance we have to rise above this tyranny is to make everyone aware of what is coming down the pipe. Fear = absence of God, so I totally agree that we should not go down that road. They only control us because we allow them to with our ignorance to their plans. As lightworkers it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters become aware of the false reality that we have been programmed to accept. Through this awareness we can unite and create a new reality of peace and love for all!!!
A National Emergency, under the Stafford Act:

A presidential declaration under the Stafford Act triggers federal emergency authorities that are independent of the Secretary’s public health emergency authorities. Declarations under the Stafford Act fall into two categories: emergency declarations and major disaster declarations. As of this point in time, there have been no Stafford Act declarations pertaining to the current influenza A(H1N1) virus outbreak. A presidential emergency declaration under the Stafford Act authorizes the President to direct federal agencies to support state and local emergency assistance activities; coordinate disaster relief provided by federal and non-federal organizations; provide technical and advisory assistance to state and local governments; provide emergency assistance through federal agencies; remove debris through grants to state and local governments; provide assistance to individuals and households for temporary housing and uninsured personal needs; and assist state and local governments in the distribution of medicine, food, and consumables.

A major disaster declaration authorizes the President to offer all the assistance authorized under an emergency declaration, and further authorizes funds for the repair and restoration of federal facilities, unemployment assistance, emergency grants to assist low-income migrant and seasonal farm workers, food coupons and distribution, relocation assistance, crisis counseling assistance and training, community disaster loans, emergency communications, and emergency public transportation.23 Additionally, the total amount of assistance provided in a major disaster declaration is not subject to a ceiling in the same way as under an emergency declaration.

The Public Health Service Act and the Stafford Act contain authorities that
allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the President, respectively, to take certain actions during emergencies or disasters. While the primary authority for quarantine and isolation in the United States resides at the state level, the federal government has jurisdiction over interstate and border quarantine. Border entry and border closing issues may arise in the context of measures designed to keep individuals who have, or may have, influenza A(H1N1) from crossing U.S. borders. Aliens with the H1N1 virus can be denied entry, but American citizens cannot be excluded from the United States solely because of a communicable disease, although they may be quarantined or isolated at the border for health reasons. Airlines have considerable discretion to implement travel restrictions relating to the safety and/or security of flights and other passengers and crew. In addition, the federal government has broad legal authority to regulate and control the navigable airspace of the United States in dealing with incidents involving communicable diseases. States have authority to initiate other emergency measures such as MANDATORY VACCINATION ORDERS and certain nonpharmaceutical interventions such as school closures, which may lessen the spread of an infectious disease. The International Health Regulations adopted by the World Health Organization in 2005 provide a framework for international cooperation against infectious disease threats.

The use of these emergency measures to contain the influenza A(H1N1) virus outbreak may raise a classic civil rights issue: to what extent can an individual’s liberty be curtailed to advance the common good? The U.S. Constitution and federal civil rights laws provide for individual due process and equal protection rights as well as a right to privacy, but these rights are balanced against the needs of the community.

Stephanie S. Jasky, Founder, Director

Source: Document prepared for Congress in May, 2009:

National Emergency Powers

There it is.
Much appreciated you all for sharing your thoughts and Simpleman for your findings :-)

I would like to conclude with below quote:

"… without darkness
Nothing comes to birth,

As without light
Nothing flowers

- May Sarton

and I agree with somebody else saying:

"No need to beat yourself up for being afraid. It’s part of life.
The only way to move through it is to embrace fear and HEAD TOWARDS THE LIGHT!"


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