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Probabilities and Time Lines

Ascension is the most momentous colossal and stupendous event ever to have unfolded on earth. Even the words used to describe it seem so insipid. This is not the announcement of Barnum and Bailey’s circus coming to town but the fulfillment of all the hopes of all the religions and people in the entire world and all of the ancestors of all the people who are walking the earth right now. But then what can be used to describe something which has been billions of years in the making, and towards which, the earth and all it’s population have been inextricably moving, era after era. Yet so few know of it and of those who know a smaller percentage believe it is a reality.

The reason for the lack of perception is that it is not an event as religious dogma has taught, but a process, as natural as the seasons changing. The focus is now on the end part of the process, but as long as humanity has walked the planet ascension was always the goal. Without the process of teaching and learning and experience along the way there would be no graduation day.

Ascension of earth was never a given any more than graduation of a student is a given. When the marks are low, graduation of the student is in doubt and the outcome stands teetering on the brink of will it happen or won’t it happen. This is the place where earth and it’s population stood prior to 1998 when the end part of the process began to culminate. Certain dark forces having been in control for eons did not want this graduation to occur because the earth and those who choose to go on to the next level would be far out their reach. But earth and it’s people have even stronger forces of light and love working for ascension, so which would it be? The outcome depended on a time line shift, actually many.

To give us some idea of the probabilities of ascension taking place prior to ‘98, if you make a chart and numbered the potentials for ascension from one to twelve, at that time the earth was at one, which means that the dark influence have moved the minds and hearts of a large majority away from the light or what some refer to as the Inner Christ.

This is a harmonic universe and when the grand tone was struck that resounded through the universe that the ascension cycle was reaching its final step it was the Guardian Spirits who are aligned with the One Infinite Creator who wanted this plan to go forward, who spiked the core of the earth with a jolt of positive energy, thus giving a window of opportunity, and temporarily allowing the population to start shifting that ‘one’ timeline to a higher, better, more Christ oriented direction. Time lines cannot be shifted instantaneously and each one, like in the musical scales has 12 key events which in turn have 12 sub harmonic events which must be chosen. A population must choose which time line they wish to move into and this is accomplished by first choosing the sub-harmonic events and then if enough of those events are chosen making up the 12 in total, then the main line key events being to shift from a one towards a higher number. So we are looking at 12 within 12 as the very highest potential that can be attained.

The factors are astounding to consider in that not all choices are conscious and some are unconscious. A person may simply think about how much they yearn for an end to war and another may earnestly pray to the higher forces to assist in this. In both cases the choice is for peace not war. Another factor is called the Law of Squares, which means that a group of individuals can increase the power of their request by leaps and bounds because of the geometrical progression of energy pushed by high intent. The dark forces have what they call ‘sleepers’ but they did not consider the millions of sleepers the light had on this planet who woke up on time and began to infuse the earth with loving Christ like energy. Also many of the sleepers for the dark forces listened to their inner guidance and original mandate for coming to earth and like double agents, began infusing the core of the earth with positive loving energy. This was all so unexpected by the dark forces.

All of this was going on between 1998 and 2003, when the time lines were rapidly shifting back and forth like a tug of war between the light and the dark. It became clear by 2003 that the dark forces had lost and that ascension would proceed. There was no projected pole shift and no appearance by wormwood. Ever since that time the time lines have been shifting ever higher. By August 8, 2003, the earth’s sub-harmonic levels had shifted from 1 to 12. Remember first the sub-harmonics must reach 12 and then the main lines shifts, and what was a 1 then became a 3.

By December of that year, 2003, the time line had jumped to a 4 on the main line.
Last year in December at this time the earth had gone to a 6 and moving upward still. In 8 years the timeline has shifted on a scale of 12, from one to six.

When these probability shifts are considered it is understandable why certain events that were predicted have not taken place. Those who are able to see future events can only see the projected time line at that particular moment and when time lines shift, their prophecies become invalid. This does not mean every person will become more forgiving and loving, but it does mean that the environment will be much more optimal and even more so as the weeks and months move along.

To those who are stuck in the old time line of expecting the worst and disaster at every turn, they hold within them the power to affect much more rapid change for the better, if they can unleash that hopeful heart and leave that past in the ashes. It is the dreamers and wishers and those who believe in the unseen that have elevated the earth along with the Guardian Spirits. If those cynical ones believe in the negative forces they should also know the positive forces are even stronger than the negatives but that neither positive nor negative forces are able to do anything on earth without human permission. The dark feed on fear so don’t give them what they seek. They feed on hopelessness so do not keep your head down but lift it up. This was always the way to defeat them, but not allowing them to cause you to lose your dreams.


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How eloquent!

You certainly put things in a positive perspective.

Thank you for taking the time to write this.
Thank you for the reponse Sunbeam
We are cells in the body of God. When one looks at it that way, the goal is to want the best for everyone. Keep spreading the word on Oneness and we can literally bring heaven to earth.


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