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The images bellow were taken by some person, Norbert Rosing, in Hudson Bay, Canada and they traveled around the world so fast.. The circumstances that were expected to turn into killing, turned into a meeting that the lucky canadian will never forget.

As the guy said, when the bear suddenly appeared in front of him and his dogs that were trained to carry the slate, he expected that the dogs will be killed and him perhaps too.
But, instead of killing them, the bear started playing with all. Even more amazing, the huge bear returned next days to play again with them :)))

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haha cool!
Beautiful! thank you very much. It gives me hope.
Awww... I believe animal's consciousness is also shifting perhaps even faster than humans.
How wonderful!!! They are so cute!

When I see this I remember a story in the Bible:

The Prophet Isaiah told of a millennial world in which the "lion would lay down with the lamb." For most people this is a promise so improbable it seems as if the very nature of animals must undergo a drastic change before that prophecy can be fulfilled.

Maybe this change is happening now?

Wish you all much love and light

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