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Please SIGN Petition Against Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

CLG Pandemic Action Alerts 12 Jul 2009 Petition against mandatory vaccines; contact the White House, US Congress.

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just catch it the normal way then fight it naturally.
90% chance you will catch it anyway, its only kiled 900 people so far, no more deadly tan normal flu which kills 500000+ each year.
no vaccinations in this household, then cant pin you down and force a vaccine into you can they, just say no
Here is a little pamphlet I've made to make people a bit more aware about Swine Flu vaccines. :)
I've signed this one already. I've got grand kids and I don't want them taking any more vaccines. GREAT post! Thanks. Love and Blessings...Lea
Hey..great stuff! Loved the pamphlets! Those should be printed and passed around at ALL the grocery stores, Walmart, Kmart, all the malls and just everywhere. Even stuck between doors at the neighbor's. Boy, I wish I had the money to print them, but I'll sure pass that link around. Thanks. Love and blessings...Lea
sure I signed this petition.
.......thanks Tranceman.
Hi everyone,

Please also see the Jane Bergermeister / Dr John Waterman radio interview

For additional info; (end forced vaccinations)

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