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Let's say you live in a village.  In this village, the only source of water is the community well.  However, the well is going dry and your fellow villagers are quite concerned.  Now let's say that, one day, you go out for a walk and you decide to go climb a hill that, for whatever reason, no one has ever climbed before.  On the other side of the hill, you find a natural spring with pure clean water - more than your village could ever want.

Now, we want to look at two possible scenarios for how you could handle this discovery.  One scenario we will call "The Natural Way" and the second scenario we will call "The American Way":


In this scenario, you scoop up some water and go back to the village and call all the people and tell them,  "Our water problems are solved!  Just over that hill is a natural spring with more water than we will ever need and it even tastes better than the water from the old well.  Here, I brought some back.  Try it!

Everyone is thrilled and you begin to discuss some plan to maybe make some pipe or something so that you will not need to climb the hill to get the water and stuff like that.

This is the "Natural Way"


In this scenario, you scoop up some water and go back to the village and call the people and tell them,  "Look what I have here - fresh clean water - try some." 
And they are all happy and ask, "Where is the water so we can use it to save our village?"  But then you say, "That information is classified and a trade secret.  What I gave you was a free sample, however, I am now 'the water company' and, if you want water so you can continue to live, you must pay me - in advance."

So now the people of the village are giving you money.  With that money, you can hire some of the people to go get water and bring it back for the desperate villagers.  However, your "trade secret" is fragile because, if anyone learns about the spring on the other side of the hill, the people will go get their water for free and you will be out of business - and that may well be the least of your trouble.  So, you must carefully choose people for your "company" and make sure they are sworn to secrecy.  You can offer your faithful employees incentives to keep quiet like free water for them and their families and even extra water just to waste.

As your profits increase, you can afford to spend more money on security.  First, you will want to use psychological techniques to make sure that no regular people from the village ever get the notion to climb the hill.  You will want to start rumors that some monster lives on the other side of the hill and that anyone who goes there will be gobbled up and never return.  Now, just in case someone does not believe you, you will need to hire some snipers to hide close to the top of the hill.  If anyone looks like they are getting close to discovering your "trade secret", the snipers are to kill them and throw them in a hole on the other side of the hill - people will be told that "the monster must have got them".

As time goes on and your profits grow, now that you have more money than you will ever need, you look to other neat things you can do.  With your money, you can take over the press and the education system.  People will be instructed that you are now "the god of water" and that you have always existed and see all and know all, etc.  The school books will be rewritten so that kids will be taught this.  If you encounter dissent, well there is always the hole on the other side of the hill and the "monster story" to explain disappearances.

You can also now afford to do nice things every once and a while to make people like you such as giving free water to starving poor people who can't afford to pay you - but just enough to barely keep them alive.

Also, you may want to consider your faithful employees.  Of course, you will have trained security people to watch them and make sure they remain faithful.  However, a better way to cultivate loyalty is with special perks others do not have.  In the village, water is precious to the desperate people because they do not know the truth.  However, you could not care less about water because you have more than you will ever need.  So, why not be totally decadent!

You can construct a "recreation center" for your employees with a swimming pool and spa so that they can have fun and waste all the water they want.  Later, you can expand this to a "secret village" located on your side of the hill where those loyal to you will enjoy every luxury while the regular people in the original village will suffer and beg for mercy as you consistently raise the price of your water.

This is the "American Way" 



Today's young people have no trouble at all accepting a world filled with technology such as communications satellites and instant communication from anywhere to anywhere with a tiny cell phone.  However, all of this stuff is very very recent history.  If you look back in history, does it not strike you as strange that the people of Earth went from riding horses and reading by candles or kerosene lanterns to our current world of going on trips to the moon and being surrounded by every conceivable type of electronic gadget in less than one generation?

From the perspective of history, this is very strange.  Look at the length of time other evolutionary learning processes took.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  So, common sense should tell you that there is a missing part to this story - something that would explain this unprecedented jump in technical evolution.


In the early 1940's, a decision was made to "take a chance" with the people of Earth and to provide them with certain "seed knowledge" that they could use to raise their developmental level to a point where they would become an entrance level advanced civilization and be able to interact with other advanced civilizations from other parts of the physical universe.  Essentially every technology we enjoy today was derived in some way from this seed knowledge

So, representatives came to Earth to deliver the seed knowledge and discuss the potential and future evolution of the people of the Earth.


The seed knowledge was not free.  In order to obtain it, the representatives of Earth had to agree that the knowledge was to be used for the benefit of the all the peoples of the Earth to promote their positive evolution and development.  The Earth representatives were made aware that the seed knowledge did have a potential for abuse.  They were required to promise not to do this and they were also warned that there would be penalties if the knowledge was used in any manner other than the positive and constructive manner they had agreed.

It was explained to the representatives of Earth that violations of this agreement would result in punishments and sanctions and could possibly make it necessary for the providers of the knowledge to correct their mistake by destroying the planet Earth to protect the peace of the Universe and comply with Universal Laws.


It was also explained to the Earth representatives - as they progressed - that nuclear detonations cause disruptions in space time which can be detected by any advanced civilization and traced back to their source planet.  They are considered bad form and should not be done.

Unfortunately, Earth scientists got  interested in the time distortion side effect of a nuclear detonation and - trying to get the secrets of time - kept blowing up bombs until they figured it out and then quickly got a world ban on new explosions in order to keep others from learning what they had.


Obviously, Earth has not become the global advanced civilization that was intended.  In fact, the Earth representatives chose to break all of their agreements and use the seed knowledge to set up a global dictatorship which is commonly called the New World Order.  If they had kept their agreement, the general population of earth would not know poverty or disease and would be free to travel and visit other advanced civilizations throughout the universe by this point in time.  This was the hope and intent when the seed knowledge was handed over.  However, as with any gamble, sometimes you do not get what you want despite your best efforts. 



COMPARTMENTALIZATION is a method of information control designed to create groups of people in varying degrees of intellectually challenged states.  It is a mind control system which allows a set of bosses [who designed the system and so are allowed to know everything] to control the remainder of the population by allowing them to know only what they "need to know" to do their respective slave jobs to serve the ruling bosses.


There were similar systems of control long before modern government sponsored compartmentalization came into existence. 
Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, designed a system of levels [with himself as the boss, of course] and is quoted as giving out instructions to his "higher" followers for recruitment of "lower" followers as follows:

"These good folk swell our numbers and fill our money-box.  Set yourselves to work; these gentlemen must be made to nibble at the bait ... but this sort of people must always be made to believe that the grade they have reached is the last."

This basic model is common to modern government sponsored compartmentalization systems as well as those used by various religions, cults, and secret societies.

All of these groups obtain their energy - usually in the form of money - from the lower levels of the group who are generally good and well meaning people who have no idea what the leadership is doing with their money but assume it must be something good.  Churches and cults scare money out of their followers with threats about punishment in the "afterlife".  Governments, of course, just order people to pay taxes and deal with them by force if they refuse.  However, in all cases, money is extracted from the lower levels and sent to the higher levels so that the people in the higher levels can have every luxury they want at the expense of the lower levels.

In the US System, ordinary people have no idea that everything they do is, directly or indirectly, for the benefit of the group we call "gods".  They do not know that this group exists.

Huxley's classic book "Brave New World" describes a system of population control where most people are chemically damaged to make them suitable for some level of slavery.  The master class consists of people who are not damaged, i.e., people who are allowed to develop unique personalities and have independent thought.  They are equivalent to the "gods" in the "New World Order" model.  The people in our model who are "below the gods" do not have to be grown in test tubes and damaged with chemicals as they are in Huxley's novel to be functional slaves - they simply have to be given an inferior education.  This works just as well.  We even publicly recognize this when we use terms such as "blue collar" and "white collar" to separate classes or "casts" of people based upon level of education.



The major levels of the system are (1) The gods, (2) The Top Secret Group and (3) The Compartment Group.  Basically, the Compartment Group "houses" the general population who do the general jobs needed to maintain social infrastructure.  The Top Secret Group consists of "executive level slaves" who control the Compartment Group.  Most people in the Compartment Group do not know that the Top Secret Group exists.  At the top we have the group of "gods".  They live free of all controls and are allowed to know all available knowledge and are provided with every conceivable luxury.  Their existence is generally unknown to the two lower groups.


The compartment group is symbolized by the cross hatch pattern to represent the "intellectual boxes" in which these people live.  They probably do not realize that they live in an "information cage" from which they cannot escape.  As stated by 
Adam Weishaupt, they are conditioned to believe that "the grade they have reached is the last".  They are happy because they do not know anything better exists.

Most people in the Compartment Group are so stupid that there is no reason for the government to pay any attention to them.  Therefore, they are not even looked at and form the "not evaluated" level.

Above them is the level of people who may have some capacity for independent thought who must be "checked out".  If hired to do something related to government they are coded "black" for "no security clearance" but they have been checked out to make sure they are no threat.

The two levels above this are Confidential and Secret.  The color code used on government ID badges is blue for confidential and red for Secret clearance.  Confidential and Secret clearances involve information which is "temporary".  For example, the combination to a safe may be a secret but it is not permanent - if you leave your job the combination can be changed and you will no longer know it.  Therefore, as a function of time you are gradually "relieved" of your secrecy oath simply because the secrets you once knew no longer exist.  Certain secret codes also change periodically and so you are only bound by your secrecy oath while the codes you know are current.


The fundamental difference between the compartment group and the top secret group is the permanence of the information.  Top Secrets are generally information which the government never intends that the general population will ever know.  Consequently, Top Secret clearances require an oath that the person will "never leave the service of the government" and will be bound by his oath of secrecy for life.

Examples of knowledge and events that you would never be allowed to talk freely about would be contact with aliens, time travel, information about other planets [detailed information like you would have if you were actually there], the underground cities and installations, and anything about the "gods".

Even though people in the top secret group must take the most serious oath of secrecy, they do not necessarily know all that much.  There are 15 levels of  Top Secret and, following the Weishaupt model, people in the Top Secret group are conditioned to believe that whatever level they are [TS1 - TS15] is the highest level there is.

For example, if you interview a person with a security clearance and ask, "Do you have a security clearance?" they are trained to say "Yes".  But, when you ask "What level?", they are trained to answer "The Best".  This is because they believe that whatever they have is "the best".  So, now you have to guess the level.  So, you may say, "Is it Q?".  If you guess the correct level they are supposed to confirm it.  This is the little game you play when making a new contact.

In the Top Secret Group there are mainly intelligence people like G2, MI6 and the like and others whose job - like scientists - is not in intelligence work.  Intelligence uses a green stripe on their ID badges and Q uses a yellow stripe.

Code Word Clearances

In addition to the main 15 levels, there are special clearances called "Code Word Clearances".  These clearances create special working groups in unique areas whose members share a set of "code words" to communicate information to each other.  People in different "code word groups" would have a different set of words common to that group which would not be recognized by other groups.

By example, a friend of mine knew a famous doctor.  He had won awards and international recognition for his research on the eye using dogs for destructive testing.  My friend saw him at a party and, it so happened, she had a sick dog with some kind of eye trouble.  She approached the man and asked his advice since he was so famous for his dog research.  She was speechless when he replied, "Dogs? - I don't know anything about dogs.  We don't use dogs.  We use niggers. Niggers are better than dogs."  DOGS was a code word for black people.  In this way the doctor was able to "operate in plain sight" and even receive public awards for his research.  Of course, people with code word clearance knew what "dogs" really meant and what was really going on but the general public was clue less.  This is how code word clearance works in everyday life.


The gods are the main subject of this book and we will get into much greater detail about them later.  At the present, we want to go over some misconceptions you may have when you look at the schematic model for compartmentalization.  Although there is a progression from the bottom to the top where we label "gods", this system is not a "social ladder" that you can climb if you have persistence.  This is a control system.  It is designed to keep you where you are.  It is not designed to encourage you to progress and reward you with higher status for your good efforts.

The gods are not people who were once ordinary people.  Most of them are from ruling bloodlines who, in the past, considered themselves to have "the divine right of kings" by virtue of birth into certain families.  They have always contemplated making the Earth into a global dictatorship.  When they learned of the "seed knowledge" they set about creating a scheme to violate the agreements and use the knowledge for their personal benefit and for world domination in violation of the Universal Laws.  Although there are exceptions, in general you cannot buy your way into this group with money or anything else.  Membership is a birth right.  You must be born into a family of gods to become a god.  Nothing else matters.

The gods are equal among themselves.  They are above "security clearances" and knowledge control and are allowed to know all that is currently available to know.  They live "above the game" which they created and are the "game masters" watching the general population fumble around in the maze [or matrix] they created for their personal needs and enjoyment.

"Comfortable Clothes" is the general code word for these people.  When you "agree to put on the comfortable clothes" you leave the general population of the Earth forever and enter the special world of the gods.  There is no return from this. 



BELIEF SYSTEMS are sort of fairy tales that are used as a substitute for reality when (1) reality is not known or (2) reality is preferred not to be known.  Although a belief system may be a logical construct, it is not necessarily true.  Truth has no relationship to logic.  Logical constructs can be designed to prove anything.  The classic example is the science which "proves" that a bumble bee cannot possibly fly.  Clearly, the bumble bee lives in a different belief system because it seems to have no trouble at all flying around.  Essentially all the population of Earth lives under one or more of many belief systems.


The Catholic belief system is a good religious example because there is documentation available on them and their exploits have recently become popular with the press and the US court system.  Let's take a look at this belief system.

The Sex Sub-System

We may as well begin with the sex sub-system since that is what Catholic Priests have become known for in recent history.  To understand the sex sub-system, first realize that the Catholic Church is simply a continuation of the Roman Empire.  When it was realized that the Roman Empire could not take over the world by military power, it converted itself into the Catholic Church and set about taking over the world by scaring people into obeying it with its special take on religious truth.  This approach has been quite successful although the church must share power with other religions using similar methods.

Now, in the Roman Empire, there was a belief system concerning men and women.  In this belief system, women were considered a secondary creation and therefore inferior to men.  Consequently, it was considered wrong to have sex with a woman for fun because she was an inferior being like a dog or a goat or whatever.  Therefore, when a man wanted sex for fun he should choose his equal for his partner, i.e., another man.  And, just like men today prefer young women, the Roman men preferred young boys for sex partners.  This was considered the correct way to do things at that time.  Sex with the inferior women was considered occasionally necessary so she could make more people to keep society going.  Women generally stayed pregnant from about 12 years old until they died or lived long enough to reach menopause (rare).

Today, there is a legal problem with this belief system because our society considers raping young boys to be a crime.  However, the Catholic Priesthood does not live under the rules of the modern world.  They live under the rules of the Roman Empire.  And, their activities are protected by church secrecy.  Their very way of life depends on following their ancient beliefs and rituals and to change would spell and end to their collective identity as priests.  Therefore, no matter how much trouble they get into for raping children, they are going to continue to find a way to do it.  They will just get better at keeping it a secret form outsiders.  In the past, they were protected by an "aura of goodness" which presumed that a priest could do no wrong.  Since that is shattered now, more direct methods will need to be employed so that they can continue "business as usual".

Incidentally, many "primitive" cultures operating in the world today still use the belief system about women being a secondary creation and therefore inferior to men.  It is really only in the United States that the women's liberation idea has taken hold.

Blind Faith Sub-System

Until relatively recently in Catholic history, sermons were given in Latin.  This is really weird.  The "bell rings" and you report to church to hear some priest talk for an hour or so in a language you can't understand and then you turn over 10% of your money to him as payment for his "service".  What did you learn to enhance your spiritual advancement by listening to Latin for one hour?  Why is this worth 10% of your money.  Well, you do not consider these questions because this is a belief system and a belief system is based on raw belief and nothing else.  You are not supposed to question your belief.

Recent Pope History

The Catholic Church elects a "god" periodically which it calls the Pope.  The last Pope was John Paul II.  When John Paul was a young man, he worked for a chemical company.  He was the salesman who sold the cyanide to Hitler for the gas chambers. [For documentation please see "Behold A Pale Horse" by William Cooper].  Now we step ahead to Pope Benedict.  He is not just someone who helped the Nazis - he is a for real Nazi.  He joined the Hitler Youth at age 14 or so as reported by the national news.  Of course, both of these "good men" were duly elected as "gods" and now they want to hurry up and make John Paul a "saint".

Buy what stretch of the imagination do we conclude that there is anything remotely spiritual or "godly" about a guy who sold Hitler his poison gas chemicals or his Nazi successor form the Hitler Youth group.  It is said that Benedict is "strong defender of the faith".  I guess he is.  He's a Nazi.  Remember, "master race", "rightful rulers of the world", etc.  Come on!

Catholic Level of Spirituality

We are going to talk a bit about Spirituality - legitimate Spirituality - because it is very real and important to all souls.  Just because most churches are run buy assorted quacks, nuts and weirdoes does not mean that the for real GOD does not exist or that we should not seek Spiritual Enlightenment.  It is important to seek Spirituality.  It is your duty as a Human Being to do this. Animals do not have this inclination or ability but you do and to make best use of it is the true purpose of human existence.

Having cleared that up, let's look and see what - if any - Spiritual goodies the Catholic Church has to offer.

The above diagram is the Catholic schematic model for its "path to heaven".  The vertical line represents the path and the semicircle to the right at the top represents the end of the path.  The "X" is a symbol used for a gate.  Since there is only one gate in the model, this is a path to some location on the right (good) side of the Astral Plane.  So, this is a psychic path.  It is not Spiritual.  To reach the Spiritual realm you need to go thru at least two more gates - to the Causal and then to the Mental-Etheric Plane.  After that you must cross a barrier (which usually requires a competent guide) to get into the Spiritual zone.  So, there is nothing great about this path.  Once you die you must go to some Astral plane because there is no other place you can go to [unless you are Spiritually advanced and can get above the Astral Plane somewhere].  Even dead people who are earthbound running around graveyards or haunting houses are technically on the first Astral sub plane.  So getting to "somewhere" on the Astral Plane is automatic for most people even if the have no type of religious training at all.

The Astral Plane contains about 100 sub planes and these sub planes also have sub planes.  These are sometimes called "groves".  When you spend your life in some belief system which conditions you to believe that "heaven is like this" the force of the group imagination creates such a place somewhere on the Astral Plane.  When you die you go there and your desires are fulfilled.  All garden variety religions have such a place on the Astral Plane.  The concept of "groves" or compartments means that they never meet each other.  Baptists would gather and believe that "they made it to heaven" but the "other religions" must have been false and those people must be burning in hell because they are not there with them.  But the other groups are there, in their own little "grove" and they feel the same way - that they "made it" and the others did not.  Since you can instantly create your desires with imagination on this plane, most souls are convinced that they are happily in heaven forever.  Eventually, the time comes when their "heavenly buddies" can't find them.  This is because they have reincarnated and must now "do it all again" and hopefully make a more realistic choice in how to find true Spirituality.  Those who achieve this do not have to return to the physical creation.

So, basically, you would probably be much better off if you just led a decent life and never heard of the Catholic belief system because you would not be conflicted with all of their out of date teachings not to mention the trauma of possibly being raped as a kid.  You would most likely reach a higher level after death without their "help".


Cults are "custom made" belief systems that are generally designed to indoctrinate followers with some seemingly logical construct which makes them want to stay with the cult and obey and follow the leader.  A certain level of skill is required to be a successful cult leader because you cannot force people to stay with you - you must somehow convince them that they need you or scare them somehow into not leaving you.  Of course, you will want money and services from the followers.

Psychiatric groups are generally sponsored by governments.  Therefore, they do not need to con people into following them.  They have the authority to force people to obey them and to brainwash them into obedience with mind control drugs.  Although the general psychiatric language remains the same throughout the world, how it is interpreted does not.  For example, a young girl in Saudi would be considered abnormal if she wanted a barbie doll but a young girl in America would be considered abnormal if she did not want a barbie doll.  The old Soviet Union loved psychiatry because it could call anyone who did not "love the party" abnormal and then torture them until they changed their mind as "treatment" for their "illness".

One main hallmark of cults is some scheme to control sex.  If you can control someone's sex desire you can control that person.  Therefore, it will be found that cults have worked up some belief system saying that followers should give up sex.  Psychiatrists simply use drugs to make people under their control incapable of having or enjoying sex.

An interesting recent development in the United States is the attempt to use this classic cult technique on the general population by threatening them with death if they have sex.  Now that the US Government has successfully spread the AIDS virus that it developed and manufactured at Fort Detrick, MD. around the world, it can argue that "if you sleep around you will surely die" and so you "should be celibate if you want to live". This argument is straight out of "how to make a cult 101".  Of course, all the "important people" have been vaccinated with the antidote to AIDS so they are free to have all the sex they want with no worry.  Visions of the "Junior Anti-Sex League" from 1984.  You can't have them but the "inner party" members can.


Genetic based belief systems argue that a certain group with a common genetic trait is "special" and apart from "ordinary people" who do not share this specific genetic sub code.  Let's look at some examples:

Hitler's System

Hitler's system argued that blue eyed blondes were the "master race" and should rightfully rule the world.  Although, mainly due to the concept of political correctness since the US champions integration and race equality, people look down on Hitler's argument that blue eyed blondes were somehow superior, it should be noted that the United States used the same genetic selection system when it was fighting Hitler.  If you go back and find some color pictures of men in the US Navy during the late 1940's to early 1950's you will find that they are ALL blue eyed blondes.  And, they are not just blue eyed but are the special "azure blue" which sort of shines as if it was lit up.  There are no exceptions. People do not seen to realize that the different US armed forces were populated with specific genetic types before the services were ordered integrated.  The Air Force also liked the Hitler model SS genetics [incidentally, the "SS" is a schematic symbol for the double helix of the DNA molecule].  The Army was for the "lower genetic classes" which means brown eyes and not necessarily white skin.

The Jewish System

When the bodies we use on this planet were being manufactured, the different races were created for different specialties.  The Jewish race was programmed with a predisposition for administrative jobs like accounting, working with money and so on.  Somehow, as time passed, this became interpreted to mean that "god" [by which is apparently meant the genetic engineers from the Orion Empire who wrote the codes and made original people] "gave the world to them".  Hitler knew about this special sub code and, since he had decided that his chosen genetic type should rightfully rule the world, obviously he wanted to make the competition extinct.  It is because of this belief system that Jews are taught to bread within their race and so preserve the special sub code.  It is also why they do not actively seek to convert people to their religion.  You cannot "make someone a Jew" because they must be born with this sub code in order to be really a Jew.

Sub codes in the ruling bloodlines of the world

The ruling families or ruling bloodlines of the world also seek to inbreed to preserve special genetic sub codes which they feel make them special or give them special powers that others do not have.  It is essentially impossible to rise beyond a point in the power structure of the world without coming from one of these special ruling bloodlines.  You could call it a sort of "genetic glass ceiling".  The ruling bloodlines are above it and the rest of humanity is below it and there is no inclination to change things.

By example, in the recent election for US President, George Bush and John Kerry were cousins.  They were from the same bloodline.  It did not matter who you voted for - either way that bloodline would rule.  It is very doubtful that Bush and Kerry do not know they are cousins.  They are probably fast friends and meet at "family reunions".  If US news people were watching some other country where the only two people running for leader were some guy and his cousin, you can bet they would be crying about how this was not legitimate and fair and so on.  But, the press know to behave themselves when talking about this country and so you never heard a peep about this fact and you probably did not know it until just now!

Effect of Genetic Engineering on the Sub Code Concept

In the past, the only way to duplicate a genetic trait was to mate in the usual way with an appropriate person.  However, with nanotechnology, scientists can sit down and hand assemble a molecule - which means that they can hand assemble a DNA molecule and write any code into it that they want.  So, this sort of "cheapens" the concept  that you are somehow of great value because you are from some special bloodline since the codes that are supposed to make you so special can now be made in the lab.  Also, by tinkering, you might manufacture a new person with some revolutionary special power or special predisposition.  The alien genetic engineers had no trouble doing that tens of thousands of years ago and we now have or will soon have the equivalent abilities.  So, this puts a whole new slant on the "superior by reason of genetics" concept.


Not very long ago, US money was "real' because it was backed up by gold.  Now, US currency is called "fiat" which means "faith based imaginary currency".  It has value only because people believe it has value.  It is purely and simply a belief system that gives value to the various pieces of paper that the government prints.  As long as everyone accepts the money belief system, it works just as well as the real system based on a real substance [gold] as opposed to imagination.  However, should it occur to people to ask "where's the beef", they would find themselves with hands full of worthless paper because there is no "beef".

Obviously, faith is harder to maintain than hard reality.  Someone would be hard pressed to accept the argument that a block of gold was worthless crap.  However, should someone argue that US currency is worthless crap it would be hard to logically argue against them since it is imaginary and has nothing backing it but blind faith.  In order to stabilize this belief system, it is important that people are conditioned to "just not ask" but "accept on faith" that "everything is fine".  Consequently, anyone who tried to "undermine the faith" would be a threat to the nation and would have to be quickly dealt with to "preserve the faith".

The plan to convert from real currency to imaginary currency appears to be inherently sinister as supported by the following quote: 
Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President) [1913-1921] 
“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.  By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency.  Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living.  They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.  Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges.  They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be non the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability.  After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges.  This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor or to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.”  Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly.  The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.” 

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Nice read, but the Truth is far more worse,   unfortunately ...

Thank You Greg

i understand what you're trying to say, my family and most people where i live are brought up catholic. i wasn't baptized though, but i did goto some sunday school and what not and tried to get into it for a while.. when i was a teenager i was really into some religious things feeling like i found the light but then got distracted.. then as i got older i had a real awakening and realized that structured religions are used for manipulation but that they do have some truths to them, but it takes some real searching to find and connect those truths to the bigger picture of what's going on. like most things i post on here i don't fully subscribe or believe everything there but i post because i feel there's valuable information still to be gained from this 5 year old internet article. i have not had the chance to read any of those books you listed but nevertheless it's pretty quite evident there's a roman connection with the whole ruling bloodlines... aside from that, have any of you had the chance to read the other 3 parts as well besides just this one? there's much better information in them..

Simone said:
Roman connection to bloodlines... Some of the connections people like to point out to make you feel suspicious or to not trust each other and point fingers and make accusations. I dont see things as so black and white. You know what? Yeah, It seems to me that pretty much everything is connected. Sometimes I think that is part of Gods ultimate plan for unity consciousness... We eventually figure out ... Hey well we all got some things right and some things wrong... But here we all are, we made it and everything is connected after all... We are all one.

We all are one, but i'm talking about the ruling elite who have been manipulating/controlling humanity, and you can trace them easily by the obelisks, which is why i meant it could be traced back to the roman obelisks.. anyways of course no planetary school would be successful if it was just one polarity, that would be only stagnant spiritual growth.

That was toooooo long ,lol.  I get the main thrust of the whole thing.  Unseen control.  When its seen it doesn't work to well.  For example after 9-11 when they tried ramming undercover martial law through with the "homeland sercurity act" here in the US.  The people squawked.  The herd rumbled.  They backed off. 


Now comes the "National Health Plan" with it's "everyone must participate" and the "card" everyone must have to participate.  That is allready being held up in court as unconstitutional and will probably end up in Supreme Court.


The tactic, among many, is simple.  Create the problem and then provide the solution.   Just pay attention and watch.  Don't let fear invade your thinking.  Fear is the mind killer.  I am sure most here have seen how fear works.  Once in then it is puppet time.  Dance for me puppet!!!  

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