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Garden Of Peace in Movement Project –Galactic Soul Ship
2012 is coming. The entire evolution purpose of life on Earth only exists for this moment: The Close of the cycle! This is a call to the consciousness of everyone that truly believes in the information released for this time.

We must act in a unified way .The world as we know is starting to break down .The moment is now.
We are a group of Gardeners of Peace living for 8 years in Patagonia-Argentina, in a 13:20 community experiment, where we live in a self sustainable way, in transformation, learning from each other, applying all the Law of Time tools, activating Earth families and Root races, practicing the meditations of the synchronic order.
Who knows us personally, knows that we completely believe in the vision of the closing of the Cycle and the change for a new time of Peace, that we work hard to make this reality true, and that all this is not used to make money. We believe that the Law of Time tools must be passed to all beings, without charge. We self generate through the products that we make –such as natural cosmetics and art crafts –and through the support of some kins and movement friends.
We came to Brazil with the purpose of making a base for a 13:20 frequency community, finding a Land to build this base that could also include a Crest Center, to receive kins to be trained in the new time tools and planetary synchronization, produce enough food for self sustaining , release materials edited in Brazil and share knowledge and experiences for a new way of living.
This place will be for all kins to experience and prepare themselves for the species evolution leap ,an arc of the new time. A place to restore the natural mind and the synchronic pattern of life.
We are completing more than 13 moons here, a solar year .We arrived by resonance to Gravatal, SC State, and helped by some local kins we have gotten a temporary land .Since we have arrived we have already made three Kin Gatherings, several workshops ,Day out of Time Festival, a beautiful garden which is still growing and is already providing food. Many kins have been here and have been activated with the information, many doors have been opened.
Since this is not the definitive place, and time is passing by, a new land needs to be found.
Our biggest resource is the human, a nucleus of trained gardeners to conduce the experiment. We need a high and protected land, where we`ll be able to plant all the food, access to lots of water, forest and fruit trees.
For this purpose, we are making a call to get an auto van, or a big track car, that allows us to find the promised Land. With it, we will be able to visit possible places, pass the peace message to others, take the peace plan to different city Majors, give conferences, release the Law of Time tools and make more and more kins conscious.
We are giving all in, our time, talents and resources, all for this purpose.
Who wants to join? Your sincere bets are welcome! It can be creative and brave. The estimated value for the car is U$ 7,777,00.
To gather this amount, we have plenty of ideas: the open bet of kins,money in England,japan and in some countries of Europe, north America worth much more ,a small bet can mean a lot here in brazil…please try something,may be several kins organizing garage sales, parties to collaborate, etc... Someone might have a better idea!
“So with four years to go until 2012, why not get smart. There is still a little cash left, much of it being withdrawn from investment and mortgage banks in a panic as the system folds. Instead of stashing it away for a time when nothing in the old world is going to work anyway, think of what useful means that remaining money might be utilized – like feeding people, creating gardens, planting forests, investing in new non-polluting technologies, and, yes, envisioning a different world, a world where time is no longer money but time is art.
There is still a little of the old time left, so if you’ve got the means really consider investing it in a new world, a new vision of reality. Why not use what you’ve got left to create the foundations of the next evolutionary order – the noosphere.“
(Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle)

“Earth will prevail.
The garden will be renewed.
The Magic Power of the kins will be reestablished.”
Dreamspell, Valum Votan

Thank you all!
World Peace Garden / Gravatal
Join us in and write to us

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