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 There is a  mass of information on how the  Earth is being both subject to the different cosmic energy sources, coincident with natural cycles. Foremost, however is the power received in the Primary Initiation of the Earth which was on July 8th.1964.                                                                                    In consideration of its humanity She is limiting the rate of release of this energy to allow those able to adapt, as it is steadily increasing.

To keep the fear going there are predictions of some sort of disaster expected after ten years. The old biblical prophesies do not help in this regard. There maybe some familiar global disturbances. 

When all the ridiculous Spamdemic features are finally put to rest, steps will be taken in various way in preparation for a different world. It may take a few years, but things will get better for those who live long enough to  see it.

There is assurance from various celestial agencies,  but for me information in The Twelve Blessings, which is a litany of the sacrifices made by advanced spiritual agencies ensuring our continuance. is enough.

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