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Petition to the Galactic Federation: Disclose, Stop Oil Spill, Release Free-Energy Technology~PLEASE SIGN~



As we have noticed in our friends the majority of people on earth wish to have permanent peace for all nations and beings. It is obvious that the mass consciousness has changed in a positive direction and that humans are aware that “Mother Earth” has been damaged massively through predatory exploitation of the soil specially oil and the misuse of power.

Most of the humans have recognised, that we did not want to have these results and that we want to make a change now and immediately. They wish a change of the actual economic sweating system and an active support in the reorganization process of the planet through implementing alternative energies and technologies as well as a better health system.

These people that belong to the dark side are now in minority, but still these dark Ones are able to suppress most of the humans through clever manipulation of their mind and free will. It is important that the “parity of power” will be re-structured, to terminate the force of the dark Ones which is executed through their technologies and power of economy.    


The Galactic Federation which is, a community of many star nations that protect our Milky Way Galaxy, has offered many times their help to different governments, but they have refused it. The Galactic Federation are more than ready to help us directly to remove the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, to master the worldwide economic crisis and the environmental damage and to develop alternative technologies that bring benefits to all human beings. 


“A mandated authority” from us, the earth population will be needed and required to intervene in respect to the free will.

In that sense the Galactic Federation expects a cosmical mass Petition, which  would ensure that they can come to us in peace. They are awaiting this moment for a long time, this moment, that they call the “Magic Moment” in which a mass of people would welcome them. Every single person that reads this petition has now the chance to show responsibility and as well the opportunity to create a positive change for the whole world.

If you want to welcome them, if this is also your firm will to accept their support, then please act and perform  the following 3 steps:


Step 1:

click on to this youtube link, that counts in a symbolic way your  “Vote”, like a “barometer”



Step 2.

click on the link to sign in to a mass petition


which will, if it has received a high level of attention be directed to the President of America, Barack Obama


And the very important Step 3:

Support this action and forward this letter to all the people you know, who may think like you.

Never forget, only together we are strong and “YES, WE CAN”


In Love and Gratitude


Petra Samoiski-Tierney & Friends


June the 18th 2010


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Thank you Kerrie...

I have shared this link with all of my facebook friends (over 6,500) and I would like to share it on our Ning at Harmonic Utopia, if that is alright with you.

We created a video earlier this week to raise awareness as well:

Thank you for all that you do!
Sending love and light,
What a synchronicity ... Dearest Kerrie , words just failed me, but I Love You Sweetheart I feel your energy and I Thank You for that :)))
I have this afternoon signed a petition to this site:
I feel we are on the right move this time, I am so Greatful for having You ALL as my friends, even if your not on my list ;) ....
I feel deeply attached to ALL OF YOU ... my Breath is your Breath ... My Life is your Life and We will Live Eternally, I know in my heart it will be all right ... We All must Go With The Flow ... and take a deep deep Breath ... and ... Connect ... :)))
Thanks Kerrie & Blossom and GFL we are ready for the change for peace,love,and true Freedom Love,Light, & Blessings
this is my comment signing the petition to the us congress...
Dear all members of the U.S. Congress I am a concern law abiding citizen of the United States. As a law abiding citizen I am writing you to inform you that you must take immediate swift action to bring criminal investigation against British Petroleum And President Barack Obama for their part in the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I expect you to oversee criminal charges of BP and impeachment of President Barack Obama. There is lots of proof that is available to get these actions done. I will show you the proof . View this youtube video... ...see also...
Friends...I would love to sign this petition, but have a couple questions: 1) “A mandated authority” from us, the earth population will be needed and required to intervene in respect to the free will." ok, I'm all for that, however, Step 2 which says:
"which will, if it has received a high level of attention be directed to the President of America, Barack Obama" is a conflicting statement, isn't it? Even if billions of people sign this petition - why does it need to be forwarded to the Pres. as he is just one person. This tells me that this might be enabling the New (Woe) World Order - under his direction...back into the 'same-old, same-old'. My view is that politics have never solved anything - the people do. So, why do we need his o.k. again?
Please enlighten me,
Kerrie, think about it, if Obama was a light worker, should he not be acting like one ?

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