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Perfect and free music for a meditative experience

A couple friends of mine have created these immaculate productions and I would like to share them with you all. They are absolutely beautiful.

Very flowing and powerful ambient music - my heart is on the floor - 45 minutes:

Gorgeous ambient and downtempo with some light percussion - this is a journey! - 2 hours:

I hope you'll enjoy it

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thx i'll check em out!'
Cool thanks listening to them now, i have loads of ambient music, guided meditations, nature, holosync, equisync and more. I collect tons of audio, video, and pics on my notebook and pc. Thankyou so much for this it does sound really different just the one audio i havn't tried the other one yet.
these are amazing thankyou!

p.s. these can be downloaded by right clicking the link and selecting save link as


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