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The whole Universe follows a basic design. You can see this repeated from the largest galaxy to the smallest atom. It's a spiral, electrons move around a nucleus, stars move around a galaxy. It's the Fibonacci sequence, the golden spiral, and it's reflected within everything. The plants follow it precisely, the rivers, the ocean currents too, everything. It's a pattern than multiplies itself in every Present Moment.

Fibonacci Video
Further explanation of the Fibonacci sequence (it's much easier to understand visually).

The Planet has sustained Life for billions of years, the design works. It's a order far larger than what the mind can grasp, and those still trapped within dualistic thought often call it “chaos”. It's not chaos at all, it's Perfect Order, the Divine Plan. It unfolds grander in each Moment, and not just physically but Multi-Dimensionally.

Humanity has tried to impose it's ignorant ideas of order onto the cycles of Nature. The ancient people understood the patterns already inherent in Creation, yet a false system has been forced upon Humanity that's based only upon illusion. People aren't separate from Nature, they follow the same cycles. Things like the Gregorian calendar, the 12/60 system of time, and daylight “savings” time, interfere with a person's natural Connection.

If they aren't Connected, how can people respect the Flow of the Planet? In their fear of not being in control, they damn up rivers and even attempt to manipulate DNA. The effect on the ecosystem should be obvious by now, yet people are still seeking to correct the problems through the same mindset that created the problems. It's not gonna work, and the solution has been presented for thousands of years. Be Natural. Live Naturally. The Nature of the Planet is your Nature. Get in Contact with That and you're in harmony with the Planet as well.

Will & Desi, Mother & Father God, and the Family of Light

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Very powerful post! It’s funny how as our civilization “advances” we are made aware of the divine knowledge that we seem to have “lost” thousands of years ago. I guess this is the cyclical nature of “technology”. It takes us thousands of years of “advancement” to realize that some ancient civilizations had a better grip on astrology and their connection to the planet than we do with all of our advanced technology. It makes me sad to see our society attempt to dominate and reign over nature rather than connect with it and harmonize with the natural energy flow. My hope is that as the energy field that we currently live in begins to balance itself approaching 2012, humanity will awaken to the divine order of nature and form a new relationship as guardians of nature rather than “controllers” of nature.

Much love and respect to you!

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