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Geat article Trudy I personaly believe also that there is a very sinister reason for switcing the broadcast television over to digital I believe those boxes do way more than we think the reasoning sounded phony since I cant see any difference in picure quality,Ido not trust any thing the government does bcause its real interest are not the people its in protecting interest of corporate profits ,so nthe real reason is hidden in the needs for the corporation projects to control what you see and hear and turns them into a real event and anything else your is seen as wrong contrary to achieving there agenda .I may be a bit paranoid of our governments intentions but every time I look in our sky being contaminated and the government says those are just contrails I no I am being lied to for a reason I would not be happy with or anyone else would approve of there aerosol crimes if they admitted to the truth so they just play us off as stupid people and ridicule those who want to provide evidence . 

You have there a very good point Jim. I still watch television ... but if the advertising is then I turn the sound off ... why ... first, the TV sound is louder spontaneous ... second, the absurdity of advertising !!!... Thirdly, I am totally against commercials with children ... and fourth, I feel more calm when I do this act ... I've tried to live without TV, but that does not work for me ... but I hear now clear that presenters of Dutch broadcasters have sometimes hinted that they know more about our future ...

And yeah I believe that they _the dark cabal_ are capable of monitoring or influence us through vibrations ...

so always put your effort there to stay in your own energy ... not easy at first but your guides will help you ~*L*~

Very scary there is a patent for this.  It is messed up that our government is saying this is an ok thing to have because they are allowing a patent.  That there shows that they do not care about the people.  How can people not see this?
Oh YES Ian like the shows with Jerry Springer ... unbelievable what I was seeing ... people fighting at eachother and other people like it... piefff it were if I was back in times of the Romans ...

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