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Our 2nd (returned) moon will be in its ruling sign heart felt cancer.

i have just posted this in FOL & moon groups and I thought it is a good discussion topic,
I was wondering today if we are up to the 2nd (returned) moon so I looked on the calender and yes today is the new moon of the 2nd (returned) moon:)) With the first full moon in Gemini we all were madly communicating on this site releasing all our s...t allowing ego to dance in the light, and then when it was exhausted showing it a better way, no longer does it need to stop us from flying we can allow our spirits to sore so lets fly and gently let ego know it can enjoy the ride, that 'All is as it should be'.2008 is a #1 year getting to know the real self.The next full (returned moon) will be in it's ruling sign Cancer (LOVE,FEELING, LISTENING TO THE HEART) on the 10th Jan.09, 2009 is a master #11 where now that we have our wings we can fly so where are we going to fly to? How are we going to co create this New Earth? I FEEL by BEING the soul truth of who we are NON JUDGEMENTLE LOVE,co creating in the void of infinite possibilities as Deepac says. As for the above posting of FOLs Nov.30th moon channeling, I think it was White Cloud channeling the visualisation of the waterfall, I like how he is always one step ahead with us preparing us for the bomb shell FOL were about to deliver (replacement of the moon) first there was my email to Blossom about the moon the previous night (when I got the interview date wrong )and when I was told this, I got in my head all is as it should be, then he prepares Blossom and us with the waterfall message filled with his love,so we will listen with an open heart, I can see his expressions all through the visualization like(I show as if) but more than this I can feel his love for us his compassion.
Happy 2009 Human Angels, lets raise those vibes and bring FOL in, There is a Devine plan, this is happening God does not make mistakes I believe many ships will come, I just want to be in alignement wih FOL, so stay centered in the love that you are and lets not need that rope ladder.
Love and light
p.s.I was just thinking about the love White Cloud has for us and how FOL spoke in snapshot pg.27 about a member feeling unduely responsible for those on your planet as to desire to step in although this is not the way in the higher realms even though they can see the benifits of such intervention. The member I believe is probably White Cloud this would explain so much and he has had an incarnation on this planet.So he would be very aware of the debts of our emotions.

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