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I used to be the one that said - "if Oprah says it's so, then it is so." I still believe that. She is a lightworker big time. Has anyone else on this forum experienced the entire Eckhart Tolle webinars she broadcasted this spring? I listened to every single one of them and read both of his books within two days. Many people said it took them weeks to get through "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth". I bought them both and could not put them down. They resonated with me at the time. I have moved on though. They were the catalyst for my path this year which brought me to Brad and Blossom and the rocket path to ascension. Anyway - I think Oprah needs to find this site and see what we are talking about. This site contains the coolest souls on our planet. Someone - please someone - who has any means about them - let Oprah know what we are doing here. This site is the Saviors of the Earth. That says it all. She is all about saving. If there is anyone monitoring this site anonousmly who is watching what we are doing here - you know we are saviours. Tell Oprah. She will spread the word and our work which is our mission.

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lol for sure!
you know what ian, thats a great idea.

powerpoint the information we have over here on this site, and present information to local groups that may have an interest to this information. eg. meditation groups,pranic/reiki healing groups, new agers, pagans/wiccans, ufo groups, etc.

it can be an opportunity to grow and learn more from these groups which may hold important information for us too!
why didnt anyone think of this earlier? rotfl
or upload the slides here for the newcomers, or anyone who might be interested. :)

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